Naamkaran: Leap, Separation & Romance in Avni & Neil’s Life

Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is all set to go in for a time leap with the introduction of some new characters and a fresh new story-line.

A while back, there was a strong speculation that Naamkaran will be going off air because of its decreasing popularity. However, the latest news doing the rounds is that Naamkaran makers will bring in a time leap in the show which will introduce a new story-line and also a new love drama.

The biggest change in the story-line will take place as Neil’s character will now be seen playing the role of a Bodyguard to a famous superstar named Karan Kapoor. Karan Kapoor will be handsome suave man who loves beautiful ladies.

However, Avni will catch the attention of Karan and very soon, the superstar will fall in love with Avni. Moreover, there will also be the beginning of a new love story as Sana Amin Sheikh will return to the show playing the role of Mitali.

Sana was previously seen in Naamkaran for a very short period as Mitali who helped Neil with his secret mission. However, Mitali will return in Neil’s life and this time, viewers will also get to see a new romance budding between Mitali and Neil. This also means that Neil and Avni will face separation once again as they will be seen getting involved with other people.

Let’s wait and see whether the time leap is able to spruce up the popularity of the show. Stay tuned for latest news, futures story updates and spoilers on Naamkaran.


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