Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2018 Episode Written Update;Naira Dadi Fight

The Episode starts with Aryan saying Kartik and I have done the puja, we are leaving for office. Naira asks shall we also leave. Dadi says no, we are standing in this line. Naira asks why. Lav says Lord is drinking milk, we have to see it. Naira says its all false, I have seen such fake beliefs many times. Dadi says just you know everything, I will just see this and go. Naira sees the milk poured on shivling. She says Lord won’t drink milk this way, why to waste milk. Dadi says we have much given by Lord, we can give much things to him. Naira says fine, don’t take Lav and Kush along. Lav says we have to see God’s magic. Naira says come, I will show you something.

Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to give aarti to guests. Kirti worries. Naksh talks to some man and gets him inside the

house. Kirti turns away. Naksh comes to her and says a man has come to collect a parcel, what does he want. Kirti says I will give him. Baisa says you don’t go, tell Naksh, he will give it. Kirti lies and asks him to get the bag, it has patch work. Naksh says the bag which Dadi gave you, I will get it. She feels sorry to lie.

Kartik gets stressed and talks to the clients. Kids see the milk going in drain. Naira gets Lav and Kush there. She thinks this reminded me about Rishikesh, we used to see this every day, much milk got wasted in temple, Lord don’t need our chadava, if we give this to needy people, Lord will be happy and fulfill our prayers, Lord sees intentions, not chadava. Kirti sees Naksh getting the bag. Naksh slips on the stairs. The bag falls down. Naksh says I m fine. Kirti sees the money envelop fallen. Naksh goes to pick it. The man picks it and asks are you fine. Naksh says yes, I m fine. Naksh asks Kirti is this to be given. Kirti says yes, thanks Naksh. She asks the man to take it. The man leaves. Kirti thanks Lord.

Kartik asks will I do this every day, to convince you first and then the clients, we should hire extra workers for few days. Manager says sorry Sir, we will do it. Kartik says I got a headache, I will have Naira’s handmade ginger tea at home. Naira stops the men. She says this is ordered by Goenkas right, I m Naira Goenka. The man says we know you, we deliver at your house, we got milk, ghee and fruits, tell me where to unload this. She says follow the vehicle after me. They leave. Surekha says I can’t believe this, Lord drank the milk. The lady says yes, ask your bahu to apologize, Suwarna didn’t do chadava seeing Naira. The ladies ask Dadi about the chadava. Dadi says its all fine, I will donating a truck full of things. She asks Surekha to call and ask. Surekha calls. She gets shocked. She says trucks had come, but Naira took the truck somewhere else. Dadi gets shocked. Kartik is stuck in traffic. He thinks I m so tired, I just want to go home and rest.

Surekha says we got much insulted there, Dadi is angry, Naira did such a thing. Naira comes home. Dadi looks at her. Naira comes in. Dadi starts yelling at her. She says you always test my tolerance, you didn’t want to offer milk, did I force you, no, you don’t have faith, but I have, why don’t you understand this simple thing, who are you, by what right did you stop my chadava truck. Naira says for the sake for humanity, its my biggest Dharm. Dadi asks where did you take it. Naira says I have taken it where its most valued. They argue. Dadi says its our custom to offer food in temple. Naira says the custom which doesn’t do good to anyone should be change, the temple trust is rich, many people give chadava there, but people don’t see the needy. Naira says just think, kids are deprived of milk and food, is it better to pour milk as chadava, which goes in drain, we waste things, so things get costly. Priyanka says Naira is right, we can initiate a change. Manish says come on, we can give chadava and feed poor kids too, mum and Naira can do what they want. Kartik comes home and says what a bad day, I will work from home today. Naira says I have learnt a lot in Rishikesh, I slept empty stomach many nights, how do I see my family member doing something that I hate the most, people used to refuse to give food to kids and left it in the temple.

Dadi says you have snatched the chadava today, you did this, I didn’t know my house’s Laxmi will ruin our respect, everyone was asking me about the chadava, pandit also asked me. She cries. She says this is what you wanted, be happy now, you can jump with joy the day I die, its better I die, I couldn’t even keep chadava for my Lord, you always create hurdles for me, you want me to do as you say. Kartik looks on. Naira says its nothing like that Dadi. Kartik asks Naira to stop it. They all look on. Kartik asks why do you have to interfere in everything. Naira says please listen to me. He says I m fed up of listening to you. She says I m not wrong. He says maybe you are right, let Dadi do anything she wants, why do you control everything. Naira cries. He says its a festival day, but my day didn’t pass well, and this scene at home. Suwarna thinks what’s happening between them. He says I beg of you, I don’t want to hear such things again. He goes to his room. Everyone looks on.

Kartik and Naira get ready as Shiv and Parvati.

Update Credit to: Amena


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