Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 12th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Sharanya refuses to let Shiv go anywhere. Where are you off to? He replies that he does not have to answer her every question. Now do as I say or I leave. I cannot give it to you in writing or sign it! Sharanya catches his last word – signature.

Flashback shows Shiv coughing to gain Sharanya’s attention. She calls him Eifel Tower. Is this a new way to gain my attention now? He asks her to sign on some petition. There should be parking for cycles here too. She looks at the list. You came to me first? He denies. No one signed it. You will sign right? She agrees. I will also ask everyone to sign. I am happy to know you were hopeful I will sign. He mutters that everyone has bikes and cars in the college. You also come to college in Vyom’s car daily right? She suggests him to bring her

to college in his bicycle then. It would be more fun. She is unable to sign. She shakes the pen a little and ends up spilling ink on his shirt. It is spoiled. Flashback ends. Shiv says you always make mistake. She replies that he is there to protect or correct her. She slips. He tries holding her but fails.

Flashback shows Shiv being irked with Sharanya for spoiling his shirt. I anyways only had 4 shirts. She has ruined 2 already. Don’t know what problem she has with me! Gundi (goon)! Sharanya switches on water sprinkler to drench Shiv. He asks her what stupidity this is. She tries to unbutton his shirt. He tries to stop her but she teases him for holding her hand. He lets go. She offers to wash it clean and bring for him tomorrow. You have habit of roaming around shirtless. You will manage. He holds her hand. She asks him if he will use force. You can do it as I am giving you this right. She very smartly goes behind him and removes his shirt. He asks for his shirt back. She says you are so hot already. Why do you need to wear it? She runs away with it. Vyom is watching everything on his binoculars. Flashback ends. Shiv and Sharanya share a long, romantic eye lock.

Vyom is still watching it all from his keyhole.

Shiv says you were so shameless. Sharanya says why be ashamed of you.

Vyom manages to find the key of washroom. He tries to open it when Sharanya opens the door. She notices the key in his hand. What were you doing with the key? He lies that he got scared as she wasn’t replying. She says I was in washroom. I might not have heard. He nods. You were bathing with your clothes on? She says the shower got switched on accidentally. He offers her coffee. She thinks it might also have something in it. She looks at the camera and confronts him about the cameras all around the house. Who puts cameras in the house? He lies that Dad kept it for mom. You know how she hides her medicines everywhere. It would help him find her medicines. Sharanya asks him about the camera in their room. You want to keep an eye on me and hold me captive? He says you go everywhere. You sometimes don’t even tell me. I even support you in front of my parents. She demands to know why there is a camera in their room then. He says he wants to make sure she is fine. She shouts that she is normal. Do you want to keep a relation with me just like your parents share? He drops the glass of coffee. Like dad hurts mom? He picks a knife and ends up hurting himself instead. This is Vyom Bedi’s madness Sharanya Bisht. He will destroy himself but wont let even a scratch come on his love! She looks at the blood trickling down from the knife. Vyom drops the knife and walks away.

Rati is waiting for Sagar. Someone is keeping an eye on her from far. Sagar taps at her shoulder and gestures her to be quiet.

Sharanya paces in her oom. That car could get us some clues but Vyom set it on fire. What should I do? Shiv is also not here. Don’t know where he goes daily at this time? A proof or clue which also holds his secret will as Vyom can put cameras everywhere. She finds his laptop and sits outside camera’s range. I have to check where all he has put them. I might find some important clue.

Sagar looks around to make sure there is no one around. Did anyone see you coming here? Rati denies. He shares that he will now show her the complete footage of factory. You will see the face of the criminal yourself.

Sharanya checks the live videos of all the cameras. She taps on Rati’s screen and notices her talking to Sagar. Who is she talking to?

Sagar shows the video clip to Rati. A guy wearing a hoodie is going inside the factory. Sagar zooms at the face of that person for her. She recognizes Vyom.

Sharanya checks the other camera (Madhvi’s room).

Sagar tells Rati they were wrong to think that only Sharanya and Vidyut went inside the factory. Vyom too went inside the factory stealthily. He is too smart. He dint let anyone find out he went inside and left before family came. They see him removing his jacket and setting it on fire. Rati panics. Sagar points out that Vyom is the real killer. Vidyut’s body would still be somewhere inside the factory. He would have hidden it somewhere inside the factory only! Rati recalls her conversations with Vyom about his love for Sharanya.

Sharanya goes back to Rati’s video.

Madhvi paces in her room wondering why Rati said that Sharanya killed Vidyut. It cannot be! Is Vyom responsible for Rajan’s disappearance?

Rati calls Rajan. The phone is with Madhvi. Rati says I was thinking Sharanya killed Vidyut but it is someone else. It is the one who called me Choti Ma. A guy is seen walking towards Rati and Sagar. He is holding a dagger in his hand. Rati adds that it is Vyom who has killed Vidyut! Madhvi hears it and is pained. The guy inches closer to Rati and Sagar. Rati vows to get Vyom punished. I am going to police station with Sagar Bhaiya right away. The guy aims his dagger at Sagar’s throat from behind. Sagar lies dead on the floor. Rati drops the phone in shock. She looks behind and notices Vyom there. He is appreciating himself for his aim / skills. I did his the end from so far even when I was not wearing specs. She checks on Sagar. Rati asks him why he did this. He asks her if she wants him to kill her now. She says you killed Bhaiya. Madhvi hears it. Vyom tells Rati to speak slow. I killed him very easily. He must have shown you the video. He would have only shown you entry and exit. I threw him in the bathtub, pour chemical and he died like an insect.

Precap: Vyom gives 2 options to Rati. One, I should harm Avni. Two, you become the culprit. Sharanya asks Rati what happened. You look disturbed. Rati thinks of what Vyom had told her about Vidyut’s death.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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