Tu Aashiqui 12th February 2017 Episode Written Update; Anita Gets a Stinging Slap!

The Episode starts with Guru ji trying to find work for Pankti. Pankti plays veena. He tells Pankti that he will try to call more people and get work for her. He asks her to answer Poorva’s call. Pankti says I didn’t inform Poorva, so maybe she is worried. JD asks his man to find Pankti any way. He gets shocked seeing Sheetal. She asks him is he worried for Pankti’s kidnapping or because someone else kidnapped her. She scolds him and asks him not to call her Jaan. She goes. He says enough now, I have to solve this suspense about Pankti’s kidnapping.

Manav scolds Anita. He asks her did she not think for Ahaan once, how could she do this. She says I don’t care for Pankti, Ahaan or anyone else, but I care for my life, he was going to kill me, you didn’t come ahead to save me, why this

lecture now, if I didn’t say a lie, I would have not been here. He says I do care for Ahaan, we can’t even think so about children, how could you say that Pankti is dead. Anita says why not, its my right, why do you care for Pankti, if she is kidnapped today, you are also involved, she would have been safe if you didn’t make her out, you wanted to make her leave from Ahaan’s life forever, you should be happy if she dies, so its better if she dies. Aparna comes and slaps Anita. She says enough now, how much will you stoop. She scolds Anita. She threatens to show a hell to her in the world. She says you didn’t become a mum for your daughters, you don’t know the power of mum’s love.

She yells at Anita angrily. She asks Anita to leave from the house. Anita leaves. Manav says I m proud of you, Ahaan needs us. They go. Anita says I m not a woman, I m a Naagin, she doesn’t feed the children but swallows them when needed, save your children from me. Pankti and Guru ji come to find work. She says sorry Ahaan, I want to become suitable for you, even if the world taunts me. Ahaan is sleeping in his room, while medical machines are monitoring his health. Yeh hounsla….plays….. Pankti struggles. Guru takes her to many places. Aparna cries and prays. Manav supports her. Guru ji stumbles, being tired. Pankti holds him.

They come to a radio station. Aparna asks Manav to pray for saving his reputation, and she will pray for her son’s life. A RJ meets Guru ji and Pankti. Guru ji introduces her. RJ says I can’t give a big chance, I can make her sing a song in my program, maybe she gets an opportunity if any producer or director listens her song. Guru ji agrees. RJ says maybe you get a new life, or anyone else gets a new life because of you. Doctor says Ahaan’s state is getting, I will call ambulance.

Aparna says we can’t wait for ambulance, we will go in our car. Manav and Aparna take Ahaan in their car. Ahaan gets coughing more. Aparna asks driver to drive fast. Pankti goes for singing. The car gets stuck in traffic. Aparna sees the jam. She asks Manav to see the traffic jam, just try to move off some vehicles. Manav goes. Pankti recalls Ahaan’s singing. RJ asks her is she ready. She nods. Pankti begins singing. Ahaan faints. Aparna worries. Her song Tum mere ho……. plays on the other vehicle’s radio. Ahaan hears her voice and gains consciousness. He thinks of Pankti.

Pankti says we have run a lot, I will stay here and fight for my identity and respect. JD says we have a party, if Pankti comes there, she should not return.

Update Credit to: Amena


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