Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 14th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Rati returns to the driver seat when she spots Vyom sitting with Avni. He asks them where they are off to. She looks at him in shock. He steps down to ask Rati if he should become her watchman now. Where were you off to? She lies about her father to him too. He reminds her that she chose option 2 a while ago. You will go inside, take rest and put Avni to sleep but you want to go to your mother’s place? Sharanya is already acting like a detective. She wil have a doubt if you too will start spying!

Sharanya wonders where Shiv is.

Shiv is angry with himself for getting pulled to this place at sunrise and sunset. There is something about this place and time which pulls me towards it. Someone is walking inside the lake.

Madhvi notices shoe marks on the floor and wonders who they

belong to. I must find out. She comes to a room and finds the dirty shoes there. Rajan is changing clothes. She asks him if he went there again. He asks her about it. She says where you have been going to since years. He says I told you I am going to an important meeting. She asks him about the place from where his clothes, shoes get drenched. You always enter from the back gate that day. He lies again but she knows about it. I know that there are many secrets buried inside your heart which you do not wish to share with me. I want to tell you something today. Vyom has killed another person! He looks at her in shock. She nods. Vidyut has not disappeared. Vyom has killed him! She tells him everything (in mute). Rati knows about it now.

Rati begs Vyom to let them go. Vyom says you will meet your parents when you will go. you wont be able to control yourself and confess everything. Please go inside. He picks Avni. I will play with her for some time and then put her to sleep. She looks at him stunned. He says I wont put her to sleep permanently. She is my doll. He takes out the bags from the trunk and twists Rati’s hand. Don’t show you are scared or Avni wil be scared. You are in pain because you tried to give me pain. I will give you a bigger pain next time if you will try something like that again (looking at Avni). He picks Avni in his arms. Sleep now. Don’t even talk to yourself about this matter. There are ghosts in the house who hear everything. She requests to take Avni with her but he is in no mood to relent.

Vyom whistles a poem for Avni to guess.

Madhvi asks Rajan if he can see the level of madness Vyom’s love has turned into. He asks her why she picked his phone in the first place. She says it was ringing and I saw it to be Rati’s call so I picked it. Would you have stopped Vyom if you had picked the call? No one can do anything! He asks her why she dint call on his other number. I could have done something. She asks him to check his phone. There are so many missed calls. He cannot find it anywhere. She dials his number.

Rajan’s phone rings by the lakeside. Shiv hears the ringtone.

Madhvi goes out to check if the phone is outside.

Vyom brings Avni inside the house. Madhvi notices it in shock. Vyom acts to stumble which worries Rati a lot. Vyom says Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars in a twisted manner. He sends Rati in her room against her wish. I will play with Avni. Madhvi shakes her head in disbelief. Spare someone! Why are you making everyone a prey to your madness?

Sharanya is unable to sleep. Where is Shiv? Why hasn’t he come till now? She decides to check the medicine which Vyom had given to her earlier. She notices binoculars in the cupboard and is drawn to a past memory.

Sharanya looks at the binoculars and notices Shiv coming in. Her hand lifts automatically to wave at him when she stops herself. Romantic moments between Shiv and Sharanya are shown as Uff Song plays in the background. It was Sharanya’s imagination and Valentine’s Day. Flashback ends. Shiv asks Sharanya if she got lost somewhere yet again. She looks at him sweetly. You too disappear. He calls her Gundi. You went in the washroom while searching. Do you remember?

Flashback shows Sharanya entering in men’s hostel while looking for Shiv. All the boys cover themselves seeing her. She does not seem to care. Shiv steps out to check and closes the door as soon as he notices her. All the boys have left in the meantime. She closes the main door from inside and locks his washroom door. he is shocked that she came in the washroom while following him. She says I had no other option as you weren’t even looking at me. She looks at his naked chest and teases him. He points out that people have begun to gossip about her. She tells him she does not mind it. You might care. He nods. I do care. Your boyfriend Vyom wont spare me if he finds out that you are here. He keeps saying he will set everything on fire! She calls him dumb. Entire hostel knows but when will you understand? He worries that warden would have found out by now. She laughs and wonders who the girl here is. She hands him the papers. I got 1000 signatures for your cycle stand. He thanks her but she asks for something in return. Participate in the play which is going to be organized in the college. She tells him to be natural. Your emotions will come out naturally when I will be the opposite lead. It is about Heer and Ranjha. He refuses but she does not leave him with much of a choice. She opens the door and all the boys fall down. Flashback ends.

Sharanya says I will have to keep a watch on you. Shiv says now it wont be possible. Why are you here? Where is vyom? She replies that he is sleeping.

Vyom wakes up and does not find Sharanya next to him. She is back to spying?

Precap: Rajan slaps Vyom. I cannot bear another death for your love! I will finish that girl before that myself! He leaves. Vyom says Vyom Bedi is the lover who can kill his mother, father and everyone for his love’s sake!

Update Credit to: Pooja


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