Naamkaran 15th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Vidyut tells Avni he has a surprise for her. Vidyut searches for the gift while Avni puts something around the fire. Avni prays to God to help her defeat Vidyut. Vidyut takes Avni to the kitchen and she quietly puts the gas switches on. Vidyut takes Avni to the bedroom and shows her all the decoration. Vidyut asks Avni not to be worried about Neil. Avni thinks Neil will come anytime knowing that she will not return. Neil is restless. Vidyut tells Avni that she looks like an angel. Vidyut makes Avni wear jewelry saying that they are Ragini’s. Vidyut is about to make Avni wear chunri but she stops him. Avni removes another Chunri from her bag and says she will wear that as Neela gave it to her. Avni wears the chunri and Vidyut tells her that she will soon forget her past life.

Avni thinks that Neil will know at any moment that she is here. Avni tells Vidyut that they should get married now. Neil sees Avni’s phone and thinks that Avni was upset when Vidyut’s phone had come. Neil says that she is missing since then. Vidyut asks the pandit to do his marriage fast. Neil informs family that Avni is with Vidyut. Neil’s doorbell rings and he gets a parcel from Avni’s name. Neil sees that it is a DVD. Avni sees herself in the mirror and thinks that this dupatta is fire resistant. Neil and his family see the video where Avni tells them that she loves them a lot. Avni says that she came to take her revenge but she understood the meaning of love. Avni tells Ali that he helped her since childhood and now he should help Neil always. Avni tells Bebe that she is a grandmother completely opposite to Dayawanti and she will always remember her teachings. Everyone is confused why Avni is talking like this. Avni tells Shweta not to be angry with the steps she is going to take. Avni kisses her locket with Ayesha. Avni tells Prakash that she never got father’s love but he loved her like his own daughter. Avni wears the locket around her neck. Avni tells Neil that she was a criminal but he brought her on the right track. Avni says that she realized his love when he sent her to jail. Avni says that she is convinced of his true love. Avni says that she is about to do something what he would not approve of. Avni walks towards the mandap with a gun. Avni says that she will teach Vidyut a lesson and end his terror. Avni reaches the mandap and says that she wants some time alone with her to be husband. Avni signals Vidyut and he makes her wear mangalsutra. However, Vidyut realizes that it is Neil’s mangalsutra. Vidyut sees that Avni already has Sindoor on her head.

Precap: Avni tells Vidyut that she will never marry him. He betrayed his mother and he can betray any woman. Vidyut pushes Avni and Avni falls along with the fire and the fire spreads.


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