Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 15th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Sharanya tells Shiv about Rati. She was crying really bad and someone came to meet her today. Shiv suggests speaking to her.

Shiv and Sharanya reach Rati’s room. Rati is patting Avni’s head and her eyes are closed. Shiv notices the marks on her hands. It is as if someone hurt her. She isn’t missing Vidyut. It is something else. Rati tells Avni she should not worry. Mumma wont let anything happen to you. I wont let that devil touch you! Sharanya asks her who the devil is. Rati is shocked to see her.

Vyom tells himself to be careful. That ghost might hear you. How would he be here when Sharanya isn’t here? Let me find her first and then her spirit! He is about to go when the phone rings. He picks the call. Meet me on the backside of the house.

Rati tells Sharanya

it is nothing. I was telling Avni stories about devil. Sharanya asks her if the devil from stories has bothered her so much.

Vyom reaches the backside. Rajan slaps Vyom. There is a difference between being mad in love and turning into a devil! You have gone way ahead on that devil path. Remember that you are safe till the time I am standing before you as your shield. Enough of this madness! Vyom says he hasn’t seen his madness till now. It will start now. Shall I show you? Rajan nods. Vyom picks up kerosene and lights fire around them. Rajan tells him it is too less. You wil have to light a lot of fire to kill me. Vyom says it isn’t for you. I love you very much. I set fire for Shiv. Rajan asks him about it. Vyom confirms that it is the same Shiv who they killed together. he is nowadays roaming around in the form of a ghost. How can I kill you? I am a good son – Vyom Rajan Bedi. Rajan slaps him again. Don’t take Bedi name again. You have killed a member of Bedi family. Vyom declines but Rajan tells him to shut up. Madhvi heard everything. How much will you lie?

Sharanya tells Rati not to lie. I know you are bothered because of something else. What is it? Rati again lies that she is concerned for Vidyut. There is no news about him. Sharanya tells her Vidyut is no more. Rati replies that she knows it already. Sharanya is shocked. Who told you? Why dint you tell when you knew? Rati says I could have asked you this too. You should have told me. Were you scared? What wrong did you do that you were scared to tell me? Sharanya justifies that she is right to doubt her. I assure you I have nothing to do with his death.

Rajan tells Vyom to look at himself. Now Rati also knows your truth. You have turned so mad to get a girl! Your madness is crossing the limits of haivangi after getting her! You have crossed the line but it is enough now. I cannot bear another death for your love! I will finish that girl before that myself! Vyom tells him against it but Rajan holds him by his collar. I am your father. Keep your volume low. Vyom says I love you very much dad. Who knows it better than you how much I love Sharanya? Please don’t do anything to my Sharanya. I love her very much. Rajan looks at his folded hands and remembers Madhvi’s words. She was right. My blind love for my son will destroy everything! I did so much just to keep you happy. I gave you whatever you asked for! Your father is bearing the brunt of that mistake! It is enough now. Stop all this. Vidyut died not because of you but me! Vyom tells him Vidyut had to die!

Rati repeats that she knows you (Sharanya) dint kill Vidyut but you are the reason behind his death. Sharanya says you would know a lot more if you know this. Tell me please. Rati says there is no point of all this now. Vidyut wont come back. Sharanya says I understand your pain but we both know that there are many secrets buried with Vidyut’s death. Tell me what all you know. We might be able to do something. Rati begs her to stop this topic. Sharanya replies that this is about Vidyut’s murder. Anyone else can also die now. Even Avni is not safe. Rati is shocked and recalls Vyom’s conditions. Sharanya asks her again but Rati is panicked by now.

Vyom says Vidyut eyed my Sharanya. He tried to misbehave with her. Rati Chachi is like my Choti Ma. He was not a nice man. Rajan insists he was his brother. Vyom tells him that he wanted to kill Rajan and Vyom. He wanted to give that letter to Sharanya because of which Ram Uncle died! Flashback shows Vidyut calling Sharanya and telling her about the letter. Vyom says I had to tackle it. Do you remember Sharanya’s dad leaving for Devprayag? Flashback shows Vyom telling his father about Ram’s departure to Devprayag. You will have to kill him if he stumbles upon all that stuff. Rajan looks at Ram as he lies on the ground hurt. Why did you play such a big game with my daughter? I thought of Vyom as my son. What is the matter? Rajan says sadly, the secret will remain a secret and you will die. He is about to shoot Ram when he hears Odhni and Freddy calling out Ram’s name. Rajan hides in the bushes. Ram is still alive and gets up to go. Vyom adds that Ram Uncle found out everything and even reached the venue. I had to act to be possessed. I was about to kill him but Sharanya came there. I had to run in different direction. You got hold of him then. Rajan covers Ram’s mouth. Be quiet. It is Vyom’s wedding. I will have to stay here till the marriage is complete. Ram hurts him using a stick and gets up but Rajan stabs him from behind. Vyom slits his throat. He asks his dad not to pass time and come soon. He tells dead Ram that his daughter is looking really beautiful today. He heads off to the mandap. Flashback ends.

Rajan accepts that one has to say many lies to hide one lie. Vyom tells him not to make him the sole culprit here. You too have committed many crimes 19-20 years ago. Rajan tells him not to remind him his past. You were the reason and consequence of that only! Sagar was a police man and you killed him. this is going to be a big mess! Vyom speaks of the consequences if he had left him alive. Anyone who comes between me and Sharanya has to die! I have explained to Chachi. She wont tell anyone anything now. Rajan asks him if he scared her instead. Vyom tells him to speak to mom. I would have to explain to her. Rajan holds him by his neck warning him. You have got madness from me only. If you dare to look at your mother then I wont mind killing anyone just like you can kill anyone for Sharanya.

Precap: Sharanya asks Rati what all she knows. Rati speaks of a video. After seeing it, I felt as if they knew something was going to happen. She shows the video to Sharanya who tells Shiv this is a valid proof. Vyom has seen it all.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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