Tu Aashiqui 16th February 2018 Episode Written Update;Pankti Warns Anita

The Episode starts with Pankti coming to Anita. Anita starts her drama. Pankti says enough of your drama, its time for truth, you won’t say anything today, you will just listen to me, Ahaan’s life is valuable to me, if anything happens to him, I will not leave you. She warns Anita. Anita gets shocked. JD’s men come to Monty’s house and look for Pankti. Poorva gets shocked. Anita asks how can you talk to your mum like this. Pankti asks where is my mum, you said you are my agent, I can just see my agent here. She reminds her words and scolds her for insulting her in her engagement. Pankti says when there were problems, you could have done some other work and chose another way, but no you chose to sell your daughters, we were dead for you that day itself when you sold us. Anita says its Ahaan’s

influence on you. Pankti shouts shut up.

Poorva asks JD’s men to go, else Monty will not leave them. They ask about Pankti. Poorva says Pankti is not here. Pankti says don’t say or do anything against Ahaan, else I will do something shocking which an ordinary daughter doesn’t do. Anita gets shocked. Pankti threatens her and goes. Anita recalls Pankti’s words. She recalls her struggles and says what could I do, did I like selling my daughters, I was helpless to do this. FB shows Anita trying to get work and facing the financial crisis. She finds the ration over and yells on her husband. She says our daughters are still hungry, can’t you do anything, what shall I do alone, can’t you do any work. He turns away. FB ends. Anita says no Pankti, all the ways ended so I chose this way, I didn’t get time to become a mum, I paid a price to live a good life, situation wanted to snatch everything from me, whatever is mine will always be mine.

Monty comes home and sees Poorva crying. He sees the house messed up. He calls her out. He hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. She says Sinha came home, this happened because of me and Pankti, so sorry. He says I value people, not things. She says but we can’t use your goodness, your life can fall in danger. He says JD can’t do anything. She says he can do anything, he can kill you, he will not leave Pankti. He promises to protect her. He says after Pankti comes, we will drop you to safe place. She asks till when will we run, Pankti was right, JD will track us. He stops her. Pankti looks on and leaves. Monty says don’t worry, I m with you. Pankti goes out and sees Ahaan. He says you asked me to wait, but didn’t say till when, you can permit me to walk behind you. Tere liye….plays….

They hug. He asks her to say where to go. She says don’t know, if I go in, this danger will be on Poorva too, where shall I go, I have just 1000rs, I don’t have any house. He says we can go to my house, I don’t mean Manav’s house, I have a small flat, its little small, can you live there. She says anywhere, if you are with me. He shows his car and says I bought this small house when I was a star, I lost stardom and just got this house. She asks him to show the house. He jokes and opens the car door. He shows the bedroom/back seat and storeroom/trunk. She asks where is kitchen. He says stars don’t have food at home. She smiles.

JD asks Sinha to keep an eye on Poorva and Ahaan, they can find Pankti. Ahaan and Pankti get followed.

Update Credit to: Amena


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