Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 16th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Mahek comes to that room and says where is Neev? Mahek says facetimed neev from this place. Sharuay says they brought him here. Mahek says that means they shifted him. Shaurya says yes they shifted him. Mahek is crying. She says what will we do? Shaurya says I have to stay here otherwise they will kill Neeev. He comes back to his jail and locks himslef. Mahek hugs him. Mahek says i will come back and take you out. He says please go before they come. Arman comes to the hall. Shaurya comes ti the jail there. She pretends to be sleeping. Mahek is crying outside. Shaurya looks at her bangle and cries.

Mahek comes home and looks at PD’s picture. She says I will get your murderers behind bars. Kanta comes in. She says where were you? You didn’t even tell me. I was so scared.

I will slap you if you go out late at night. Arman(Shaurya) comes in and says why would you slap my wife? Where did she go? Kanta says she came here and left my house. I told her to stay the night with us. Mahek says you should start yoga. I am not an idiot daughter now. i am a wise girl.. Everyone was asleep so I left. Please relax I am fine. Mahek hugs her and says please pretend. Arman says why did chachi get scared? Mahek says she gets scared. city is not safe. If someone can kill PD they can do anything. Mahek says why are you so shocked Shaurya? She says chachi my Singapore Visa is coming. I will meet Neev. Shaurya says I am going. I came here to take my bag. If you go he will ask to come back. Mahek says okay you go. Kanta is confused. Armna says let me pack my stuff.

Scene 2
Shaurya looks at Mahek’s bangle. He says you are in trouble because of me. I can’t even help you. Shaurya says I should have known they were talking about Neev. I need to know his location. I have to save him. Shaurya makes a noise. All the thugs wake up. Shaurya says give me water. He goes to bring him water.
Devi goes out. Masa says start the dance. The dancers start dancing. Masa says Umri go and see if Adhi is ready. She goes upstairs. Adhi is about to drink. Urmi stops his hand and says Masa has called you downstairs. Ib know you don’t wanna marry kesar but you have to. Adhi says I am coming.

Mahek tells Kanta everything. Kanta is crying. She says our family is ruined. Poor Shaurya. He is locked in a cage. Mahek says we have to be strong for him. No one will come to help us. We have to get Shaurya back. Only God can help us. Kanta says without police we can’t fight them. Mahek says we have to make a plan. If we tell police they might kill neev and shaurya. They have shaurya’s finger prints on remote. Kanta says i don’t know what to do. Dolly comes in. She says come out and sit with us lets have tea. Mahek says please sit I will bring breakfast for everyone. Dolly says to Mahek why is there a bruise on your head?

Arman says to Kanta what happened? You look worried. Kanta says everything is fine. I am going home. Dolly saays please have breakfast. Kanta says I ate. Arman says I will drop you home. Kanta says no I will go. Shaurya says I am going office. She leaves.
Kanta calls Mahek and says I will come with you. We need to get Shaurya out. Arman listens to it.

Precap-Mahek says meet me outside the temple. Arman hits Mahek with his car. Kanta is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Pic Credit:OU


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