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Image result for borderShe felt his beard bristles brush against her neck as he nuzzled her in the wee hours of the morning.
Their journey had been long and hard. Finally at peace could they rekindle or start over on a better note this time.

She now knew his inner turmoil more than anything. A smile brushed her lips and she turned over to him as she opened her eyes and looked right into his.

” I love you,” she whispered.

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His smile went up to his eyes this time after so long. He didn’t tell her how he felt. He met her lips and started to show her exactly how he felt for her. Words would not be enough.

She couldn’t help but beam that finally she was back in his arms.

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Yesterday had been the day. ACP Neil Khanna had his wife cleared of all charges. She returned home with him and the Khanna family, Neela Ma, Ali and Nanno greeted her with a proper ghar parvesh.


 Neil grasped her hand for most of the festivities. They danced together surrounded by their family members and 123 gang.


Avni felt close to Neil after so long. So many barriers they had to cross to reunite again. They had to save Neela Ma and get Vidyuth and Guru Ma to their true destinations.


She grew weary by midnight. They were now sitting with Shweta, Prakash, Bebe, Neela Ma, Ali , Nanno, and Kareena. Maddy Bua had retired sometime ago.


Shweta nudged Prakash. He turned to his wife and listened. He then turned to his mother to do the honors.


“Neil take her inside. Poor girl has been through a lot. Isse saulate,” she said sweetly.


 Neil peered at his wife who was fighting sleep and  had grown quiet.


He wrapped his arm around her and whispered for her to get up.


Ali smiled at his friends and  declared he would drop off Neela Ma. He bid them all bye.
 Neela Ma came over to bless the couple and gave them forehead kisses as they bend to take her ashiward.


Avni felt Neil’s  hands supporting her by her waist and shoulder.


” Chalo Avni tum change karlo,” he said as he placed her  to sit on the bed.


 He handed her nightgown.


 He led her to the bathroom.


“Don’t lock the door,” he insisted.


This comment made her wake up.




” Agar tum kirgi toh?”


She nodded.


“Point, main abhi aati hoon,” she replied.


 After Avni returned and kept her discarded clothes, Neil came over to her and picked her up in his arms.


“Yeh kya kare ho?”


“Bebe ne kaha tuhme saluna hai,” he chirped.


He laid her on her side and tucked her in.


Avni slept as soon as she laid down. Neil was relieved that his wifey was back in his life for good. He had finally saved her honor. In fact they had saved her life together, then saved Neela Ma.


He cringed all the torture she went through in jail especially after she claimed to be Neo.


 He leaned over and kissed her forehead and tucked her hair behind her ear.


” Your life will not be a bed of thorns anymore wifey.  Yeh hai mera vaada tuj se Avni.”


A few hours later Avni felt the bristles from Neil’s beard as he nuzzled her  neck.


 She smiled to herself and then slowly opened her eyes.


” I love you Neil.” she declared as his  face broke into a smile that actually reached his eyes.


 He leaned in to show her his  true feelings. He kissed her so deeply that she was glad they were in bed otherwise she would be puddle on the floor somewhere else.


She ran her fingers through his hair.  She felt his hands on her waist and loosing her gown.


They  got lost in each other for sometime.


Later on as she laid in his arms they talked about a real honeymoon and plans for the  future. He caressed her stomach.


They locked eyes.


” I can’t wait until we have our children Avni,” he said husklily.


She blushed.


” Ek supercop or ek lady don.”


” Or superwoman or ek don.”


They chuckled and kissed again to seal the deal.
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