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My legs burnt from the running, my muscles a stinging dull pain as I stopped, a muscular arm tucked itself around my waist and I was pulled back with such force that when my back hit something hard, I was sure I had whiplash.

“Stop running from me Anika, you’re my wife” his voice was full of desperation, his breath hot on my ear, leaving goosebumps trailing across my now heated skin

Tears cascaded down my face “Please” I whispered “I don’t know who you are”

I could feel his arm drop from around my waist, as quickly as he had let me go, he was in front of me, his nose less than an inch away from my own, there was a dark aura around him, full of anger, I wasn’t sure if the anger was aimed at me

“You are my wife Anika, I will not let you go” his voice was husky, slightly broken and the way his eyes swirled with different shades of brown and green was hypnotizing, his face dropped and his hand raised then clenched “I don’t mean to scare you, I really don’t, but I can’t let you go, I can’t live without you”

I watched as he stepped away from me and allowed me to walk away from him, I turned back two or three times to ensure he wasn’t watching me and I walked away, my heart clenching at the broken look in his eyes and the sad expression on his face

Hastily I entered the spare room, slammed my door and locked it, I just wanted to be saved from this hell, from the way he always managed to trap me in his gaze, make me feel things I didn’t want to feel and label me as his wife when I had no memory of him ever being a part of my life

I was just Anika, alone in a world I didn’t understand, so why was one of the most well known, richest business men Shivaay Oberoi claiming me as his wife?

Author: -Rehanna-

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Part 1-

I watched from the doorway as Shivaay sipped on yet another glass of some kind of alcoholic beverage, it seemed no matter how much I tried to stay hidden, he always found me, he looked up, his eyes hooded and he stood up “Anika” the way he said my name was a breathless caress

He soothed down the creases in his blazer and pushed his hand through his hair, he seemed nervous, like it was important to impress me

“Please sit down”

I wasn’t sure what made me walk over to him, but I did and I sat down, my aim was to be far from the man that kept me here but I couldn’t, one look from him and it seemed I would do anything he asked without hesitation

“You say this is my own home, then tell me why you’re keeping me here as a prisoner, shouldn’t I be allowed to leave”

He looked at me, hanging on my every word

“You’re not a prisoner, but I know if I let you leave, you will never return to me and I can’t have that” it was strange, to see one of the most powerful men brought to his knees as he begged you to stay

“Why am I so important to you, i am not your wife” I felt tired, I knew I was crying and I hated it, hated feeling weak in front of this stranger

He raised his thumb, wiping away a tear of his own and then kissed away mine, everything about him was alluring, his scent, the way he looked at me, his words, his voice

“I know you don’t remember, but I am your husband, I love you and I can’t lose you, I let you down before, I couldn’t keep you safe, please don’t take that away from me again, please just let me try”

I felt like I was frozen in my chair, his eyes held longing and despair, unblinking as he looked at me, his fingers brushing against my bottom lip

“I will love you till the end of time, all i am asking is you stay”

Like nothing had happened, like the words he said were nothing but a mere whisper, like I couldn’t hear it, he stood up and stepped away

“Dinner will be ready soon”

There was something impersonal about him not saying my name, like it was a way of distancing himself from me, like my name made all of this that bit more real

I hated myself for noticing him the way I did, for feeling some kind of connection with him even though I did not know him

When I looked up, I didn’t expect him to be still watching me, his hand clenched around the door arch, like there was still something to say

“I will never love you if you keep me here, I deserve freedom ”

“Where will you go, I am all you have, all you will ever have, you think I am the monster, I am, but I will never hurt you, I wish to keep you safe, that is all, I will die trying”

My heart was racing at his words, he seemed to care so much, but I wanted freedom, he wanted me to remember but what if I never did, would he keep me here?

“Add jail bars on my windows, you do whatever you like but I will escape”

He grabbed me, his fingers around my wrist and tugged me toward him “You cannot leave, I wont let you” his fingers were still gentle around my wrist, but his eyes sincere and again I cried

He stepped back, shaking his head, he seemed disappointed in himself “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry, all I ever do is make you cry, I hate myself for it, I promised I would never make you cry”

He laughed humorously “I don’t know why I expected someone as pure as you to ever love a man, if you can even call me that, like me”

He walked past me, his feet heavy on the stairs and the slam of his door meaning this conversation was over, it always ended this way, he always hated himself after, but still no matter how much I tried, he would not let me go.
For those of you who are still reading, thank you! I just want to clarify Shivaay isnt being abusive by keeping Anika in the house, there is a reason behind it that will be revealed soon! Do let me know what you think so far!


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  1. Hello,
    My name on india forums before was MayaKhan, and I recall being asked about posting the story Bodyguard from Naamkaran
    But Maya is my middle name, Rehanna is my first so was wondering if you got this story from India Forums? Or Wattpad
    I also dont recall you asking for permission about this story 🙂

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    • oops!! Now I get it!! I did not know You had changed the name.. When I saw Rehanna and clicked on the took me to Shivika.. Since I had asked few users to share Shivika stories, I thought Rehana agreed.. Soooo Sorry about that… Story is extremely good.. Could I share it please ? (sorry, m unable to reply in IF)

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    • I Know dear, but long title was eating up & showing only half name so used Soul mate (inspired by what I read from Rehana)

      I’m a bit confused, Isn’t this FF Rehana’s? Cuz you see I took her permission before posting it here. 🙂

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