Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 19th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Sharanya wonders where Shiv disappears during sunrise and sunset time. Vyom hears her saying that. He wakes up and asks Sharanya how he fell asleep like that, she should have woke him up. She says she tried, but he didn’t wake up. She says she will get freshen up. Vyom hugs her. She asks what he’s doing and asks him to move. He asks what happened? He slept hugging her whole night and she didn’t say anything. She gets uncomfortable. He doesn’t leave her. She pushes him angrily. He asks whether she felt bad? She says she was just joking and leaves. Vyom says she has forgotten how to act. He understood two things that she has seen video tape and Shiv’s ghost doesn’t stay with her during sunrise and sunset. He decides to do his work during Shiv’s absent.


is disturbed recalling Vyom’s words. Madhvi asks him what happened. He tells her that she was right, his blind love will destroy Vyom. Their Vyom has gone very far from them. Madhvi says they will have to bring their old Vyom back somehow.

Vyom puts Sadhvi’s deadbody in a suitcase and says he will have to get rid off her now.

Madhvi tells Rajan that first they will have to stop his madness for Sharanya. He is ready to kill anyone. Rajan asks him to tell the truth that it was Vyom who pushed her off the stairs, right? Madhvi lies that Vyom came to help. Rajan apologizes her for misbehaving with her all this time. He loves her a lot and can’t live without her. Madhvi says she knows. She never doubted his love and he proved that she was right. Rajan asks her not leave him ever. She says she will never leave him. They hug.

Sharanya is relieved to know that Vyom is gone. Vyom is putting suitcase in his car. Rati with Avni was coming out. Vyom and her see each other and she is scared. Vyom goes to her and asks where she is going. It seems like she didn’t understand what he said last night. He takes Avni. Rati requests him not to do anything with Avni. She will do what he says. He says she didn’t listen what he said her, now she will watch what he does. He puts Avni in car and leaves from there. Madhvi comes there. Rati tells her that Vyom took Avni with him, don’t know what he will do to her. Madhvi says she will go and bring Avni back. She requests Rati not to tell anything about Vyom to anyone. If he feels they are against him, then it will be very hard to control him.

Shiv is recalling his and Sharanya’s moments. He is sitting at some river side. He wonders why he didn’t bring Sharanya over there. He has some close connection with that place, that’s why he keeps going there even after dying. Some lady in handcuffs/chain is shown.

Vyom is taking Avni to a hostel. He stops car and asks Avni to keep her eyes closed. If she opens her eyes, then he will kill her mom. He takes out suitcase and says it’s Sadhvi’s farewell time.

Sharanya is disgusted recalling Vyom’s touch.

Shiv also recalls Vyom sleeping by hugging Sharanya and says enough now. He can’t see her with Vyom. What’s in this place that he can talk about anything here that he can’t talk with Sharanya. There is so much peace there like someone his own is there. Lady is shown again in a house near by. Shiv feels something and looks around. He walks towards that house and hears chain’s noise. The lady looks out of window.

Shiv almost reached the lady and just then Vyom throws suitcase in river. Shiv goes there because of noise. He fails to see Vyom, but sees the suitcase floating.

Precap: Madhvi stands in front of Vyom’s car to stop him. Vyom says to himself to run over her and accelerates.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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