Naamkaran 19th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Pandit asks Avni to say dead person’s name and Avni says Avni Ayesha. Avni remembers her wedding with Neil and Neil’s promise to always love her. Avni asks Pandit to leave and says she will do rest of the rituals. Avni sits near the fire and burns her bangles. Avni burns her passport and other documents of her identity. Avni also cuts her hair short. Avni puts the ashes in a pot and puts the pot in water. Flashback shows Avni escaping from the fire because of the fire resistant dupatta. Avni tells Mishti to run away from the hosue when the alarm in her watch rings. Avni tells Mishti to sit in the car outside. Avni escapes from fire. Avni says that no one will suffer because of her anymore. Avni runs away from the house wearing a coat and a dupatta. Avni sees Neil calling out to her. Avni puts some unknown person’s dead body in her place. Flashback ends. Avni says that no trouble will take place because of her from now on. Avni puts Ashes in water.

Flashback shows that young Avni tells Avni to run away and not think about her past. Flashback ends. Neil shoots at Vidyut’s cut-out and explains plan to DD to kill Vidyut. Bebe tells Neil not to take such a step. Avni tells Neil’s picture that she will fight against the bad and sacrifice her own happiness. Vidyut enters the burnt house with ashes in a pot. The pot has Guruma’s ashes and Vidyut says that the house is ruined. Vidyut says that he has got his mother killed for Avni’s sake. Vidyut asks Avni to come back to him. Vidyut sees Avni’s ghost in red saree. Avni’s ghost approaches Vidyut and he gets scared and moves away. Ghost tells Vidyut that she has come back for him. Avni asks Vidyut to come along with her. Ghost approaches Vidyut and he runs out of the house but sees the ghost outside the house too. Vidyut begs Avni to go away from him. Vidyut acts crazy. Ali tells Neil that he has sold his café as this place reminds her of Avni. Neil remembers his times with Avni in the café. Neil breaks down and says that Avni took away Mishti too with her. Ali asks Neil to stay strong. Vidyut sits in his car but sees Avni in the backseat of the car. Avni asks Vidyut to die with her. Vidyut runs out of the car.

Precap: Neil says that it has been 10 years since she has gone but every moment, he wants to see her once again. Some kids are in the bus and say that where is Janvi. Avni is in the bus.


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