Tu Aashiqui 19th February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ahaan keeping sugar balls in a cup instead rice kalash to do Pankti’s grahpravesh. She kicks the cup down. Ahaan says how can I let you go without shagun. He makes her wear their engagement ring and asks so shall I think this relation is fixed. She smiles and nods. He asks her to come. She asks but these clothes. He says I have arranged that too. He gifts her a dress. Sinha says I just saw Poorva there, Pankti isn’t here. JD says keep an eye on Poorva and Ahaan, we can find Pankti.

Poorva tries calling Pankti. Monty says nothing happened in party, I was there, Ahaan went after Pankti, Ahaan’s phone is also not reachable. Poorva says maybe they are together. Ahaan asks Pankti how will she spend the first night in her new house, they can play antakshari, have a talk

or romance. She says first two ideas are good. Ahaan says mom says health is imp, sleep is necessary, we should see good dreams, so better sleep now, we will go to bedroom now. He shows the backseat. She says no, I have to stay in hall and end the movie, see the scene, we can see open sky, stars and silence. He says I think its horror movie, you can hold my hand. She says what if I m not scared. He says you can still hold my hand. They smile.

They see a car following. She gets worried seeing Sinha. She says Ahaan, they are following us. Ahaan says don’t worry, I m here. Aparna worries for Ahaan. Ahaan drives ahead. He answers Aparna’s call and says I m fine, Pankti is with me, we are at… Aparna says don’t say your location, maybe your call is traced, just take care. He asks her to stop taking tension, her blessing is stronger than enemy’s bullet, none can harm him.

Ahaan asks who are those men following. Pankti says JD’s men, I left Monty’s house because of them, I didn’t wish you and Poorva to fall in trouble. Ahaan says but JD changed. She says no, he will never change. He tells him everything. Ahaan says I m really sorry, I won’t let JD reach you now, I promise. The car breaks down. Ahaan sees the flat tyre. Pankti asks what will we do now. Someone shoots at them. Sinha asks men to find them. Ahaan and Pankti hide. Poorva calls Pankti and asks where are you. Pankti says I m fine, I m with Ahaan, don’t worry, I will call later.

Pankti says sorry Ahaan, you fell in trouble because of me. Ahaan says its not about you and me, its about us, I won’t let them succeed, come with me. They run. Poorva says she is still with Ahaan. Monty says you don’t need to take tension, I have a rule, when lovers are together, no one can do anything, like you are with me. Ahaan and Pankti get inside a cemetery and hide from goons. JD comes to room. Sheetal switches on lights. He asks what happened, do you need anything. She says I feel this room is small, I feel suffocated when you come. He says I will leave, its your house, you don’t need to go. He apologizes and leaves.

Ahaan asks Pankti to hold his hand if she is scared. She says no, I will tell them JD’s stories. He says else tell your mum’s stories. She tells the ghosts that she is Anita’s daughter, Anita has always scared her. They smile. Sinha reaches there. JD calls him. Sinha says once I get Pankti, I will handover to you. JD says good, call me. He smiles. Ahaan and Pankti run and hide behind a grave. Pankti gets scared and screams. Sinha hears her and tries to catch her.

Ahaan sings Rootha mujhse khuda…… Pankti watches him singing. Music director stops Ahaan. He asks Pankti to sing and show him if she can sing well. Pankti sings. Ahaan gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena


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