Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 20th February 2018 Episode Written Update

That lady looks out of the window. Shiv walks towards the house. Vyom dumps the suitcase in the lake. He looks around and finds no one and drives away. Shiv looks at the lake in confusion. It sounded like someone jumped. No one is here though.

Vyom sees someone and stops his car. It is Madhvi standing in the middle of the road. What is mom doing here? Run your car over her! No! She is my mom. I cannot hurt her. Please. Do it. Vyom declines but his inner self decides to do it. Scared Vyom cannot do anything. Now real Vyom will come out. He laughs evilly as he accelerates his car. Madhvi screams.

Rati is crying. Sharanya goes to her. Why are you crying? Rati says what to tell you and why do you wish to know. What relation do we share? Nothing! You are nothing to me. Stop asking me questions

again and again. Sharanya says when a girl is married she gets married to the entire family. this is what you taught me. When she takes pheras, her relation is joined with the entire family. we share that relation only. Sometimes those relations become bigger than the rest. I cannot see you crying. What is it? Rati replies that she is paying the price of the same relation. I would have never supported Vyom to marry you if I had known that I will have to pay its price with my husband’s life! I first lost my husband because of you and now Avni! Sharanya asks about Avni. What happened to her? Where is she? Rati goes inside.

Vyom tells Madhvi to die somewhere else. What will the world say? World will say that a son killed his mom! She notices Avni waving at her. Let me go and help her. Vyom tells her he is going to drop Avni to hostel. She tells him against it. He shares that Rati knows everything now and he is sending Avni away just so Rati wont tell Sharanya anything. She asks him if he isn’t ashamed. You are separating a daughter from her mother! He says once again you are worried for other kids and not for your own son! Don’t you think of your son ever? When I was 5 years old and had you not done what you did then I wouldn’t have been like this! Think about your mistakes that you committed 25 years ago. She tells him she is in no mood to retrospect right now.

Scene shifts to the house by the lake.

Madhvi tells Vyom to leave Avni but he refuses. She picks a stick. You are not willing to leave her right? It is because I never hit you in your childhood. You wont harm her. He tells her to get out of his way and begins to walk towards the car. She hits him on the legs. He falls on his knees surprised. Madhvi takes Avni out of the car. Your Badi Ma wont let anything happen to you. Vyom smiles.

Shiv hears some sound coming from the house (sound of chains) and is puzzled. The suitcase has come to the surface but Shiv turns his attention to the house. Shiv says something is different here today. He walks towards the house.

Sharanya requests Rati to say something. How will I be able to help you otherwise? Rati closes the door of her room from inside. She wonders where Avni will be. Don’t know how she will be.

Vyom is carrying stones in his hands. He aims them at his mother one by one as she runs holding Avni in her arms. One stone hits Madhvi. She screams as she falls down. Avni gets thrown down the bridge in the process. Shiv hears the voice and wonders what it is.

Avni is standing atop a stone on the other side of the bridge. Vyom is holding Madhvi. See where you got her! She will die this way! Vyom covers her mouth. Where should I let you go!

Shiv notices Avni and extends his hand. How will I pick her though as she cannot do anything!

Madhvi asks Vyom to let her go. Avni will die otherwise. Vyom tells her to be quiet. We will be in trouble if we will go there. No one will doubt us this way.

Shiv tries stopping a car but in vain. He asks Avni to shout. No one can hear my voice. You should shout. He wonders how to save her. No one can hear or see me. How will I protect her?

Sharanya comes inside Rati’s room through the window. Tell me where Avni is? Rati refuses to speak to her but Sharanya insists upon knowing about Avni’s whereabouts. You never leave her alone. Rati tells her to stop asking so many questions. Nothing has happened to her till now but something will happen if you will keep asking me questions like this. Sharanya declines. I have understood that she is in some problem but I wont leave till I find out where she is. Tell me. Rati ends up telling her that he took her daughter just because I helped you! She goes quiet recalling Vyom’s conditions. Sharanya asks her who she was talking about.

Avni calls out to Shiv for help shocking him. Shiv asks her if she is talking to him. She nods calling him Bhaiya. Shiv is shocked to realise that she is talking. It is surely Devi Ma’s miracle. She is innocent which is why maybe she can only talk to me.

Sharanya keeps asking Rati who she was speaking about. Who took Avni? Rati pushes her out of the room and even locks the windows from inside. She worries for Avni.

Madhvi keeps telling Vyom to let her go. She is your sister. Let me go. your sister is dying there! You have fallen so low. Let me go. Vyom tells her to understand that they both will get in trouble this way. Stop shouting!

Sharanya wonders where Shiv is. You are not there whenever I need you!

Shiv tells Avni not to worry or be afraid. I will get you out of here. She tells him she is scared. He assures her that he will help her. Don’t look down. Just look at me. He prays to Devi Ma to give him strength to save Avni. She can only speak to me which is a sign from you that only I can help her. Please help me. He folds his hands in reverence and then extends it towards the bridge. His hand turns ice cold.

Madhvi tells Vyom God will never forgive him if anything happens to Avni. He replies that he wont forgive God if anything happens to him. Be quiet!

Shiv fails in his attempt.

Sharanya prays for Avni’s well being. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her.

Shiv prays to Devi Ma to help him. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Avni! Mantras can be heard in the background. His eyes turn black completely and he extends his hand towards Avni.

Rati is also praying.

Shiv uses all his strength to pull Avni out of danger safely.

Madhvi’s eyes widen in shock seeing Avni flying in air. Vyom also follows her gaze and is stunned.

Shiv falls down drained of all the energy.

Vyom says Bade Bhaiya is here to save Avni. It is Shiv’s ghost. Madhvi remembers Shiv’s words and is stunned. Shiv?

Precap: Rati hugs Avni. Sharanya asks Rati about the guy. You know who it is right. You are trying to save the one who brought Avni here? It is Vyom? Vyom and Madhvi look at them.
Update Credit to: Pooja


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