Naamkaran 20th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Vidyut runs away saying no Avni no. A procession of Lord Shiva passes by. Vidyut sees burnt Avni amid the procession. Vidyut cannot believe his eyes. Vidyut prays to God to save him. Vidyut asks the pandit if he can see the burnt woman but pandit refuses. Neil arrives there in police uniform. Vidyut comes rushing to Neil and falls to his feet and begs him to save him. Vidyut confesses that he has burnt Avni. Vidyut asks Neil to put him in jail. Vidyut says he pushed Avni is the havan when she refused to marry him. Neil gets furious and tells Vidyut that he will make his life hell. Avni sees everything from far. Later, Avni comes to the temple and says that she has run away but she has also killed the evil. Avni says that Vidyut will now get punishment for killing Avni.

Avni says that Avni Ayesha caused Ayesha’s death and Neela’s death. Neil throws Vidyut in prison. 10 years’ time leap takes place. Neil is seen as a radio Jockey. Neil plays a song for his listeners. Neil has Avni’s mangalsutra on his hand and he says I Love You Avni. Neil says about his love story on Radio. Neil says that he was engaged to someone else but he married the one who was made for him. Neil says he was lost in her eyes. Later, Neil is seen walking on the road at night remembering Avni. Neil buys candy floss or some kids. Neil says that it has been 10 years but his heart wants to see Avni once. Neil begs Avni to come back at least once. Neil recalls Avni asking him to save her. Neil says he wants to see Avni. Shweta, Bebe and Prakash get a birthday cake for Neil. They see that Neil is not in his room. Neil suddenly comes and everyone wishes him happy birthday. Shweta asks Neil whether he had gone to a bar. Neil cuts his birthday cake. When everyone leaves, Neil gets sad. Neil keeps looking at the mangalsutra. Next morning, Neil wakes up and goes for a jog. Neil hopes to see Avni once. Neil sees a woman dressed just like Avni and thinks it is her. Neil sees a car speeding towards Avni and runs to save her. Neil jumps over the woman but when he sees her face, he realizes that it is someone else. The woman scolds Neil calling her a road side Romeo. Neil realizes that it is a film shooting going on. The film’s hero sees Neil and asks his crew to find out who is he. Some kids come out of a bus and argue. Tara and Sitara also come out of the bus and argue. Sunehri too comes there and scolds Tara and Sitara. One girl asks where is Jaan didi? Neil thinks his Avni is alive. Avni is seen at the back of the bus praying to God.

Precap: Sunehri asks Avni how she has changed so much. Avni says that she has given herself a new identity as Nilanjana. Avni says that these kids are all illegitimate just like her and they will make their own identity.


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