Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naksh getting naira out. A blast happens. They get shocked. Naksh asks what were doing here. Naira says I was enjoying bonfire. Naitik says what happened, she is not in senses. Naira says happy valentines day. Naitik asks where is Kartik. She says he is at home. Naksh says at home. Naira says yes, he left me home and went, we came here, it rained and then we had bonfire, he went home, happy valentines day. Naksh says she doesn’t look in senses. Naitik says we will take her our home, we can’t take her to inlaws in this state. Devyaani, Bau ji and everyone think to call Naira and wish her. They see Naira. Naira asks whom are you calling, I m here. She hugs everyone and says I love you, happy valentines day.

Akhilesh says we are leaving, we will find

them. A servant says someone called and said Kartik is with them. Baisa says if Kartik is at home, what was Naira doing alone. Naitik thinks what happened with Naira. Kirti says I will talk to Kartik. Devyaani says no, don’t know what happened. Naira says call Kartik here. Naitik thinks why did Kartik leave Naira alone in this state. A guard shows Kartik’s phone and watch. The family worries seeing the men bringing Kartik. Manish checks Kartik. The man says he was walking on highway in drunken state, he asked for lift. Kartik says I m going to get gift for Naira. Suwarna asks about Naira. The man says there wasn’t any girl, he was alone. Dadi thanks the men. The men ask them to take care of Kartik. They leave.

Manish asks Kartik where was he. Kartik recalls Naira and says she is at her house, it was valentines, she asked me to go back and get gift, she sent me from her house. Dadi says it means her Maayka. Naira says tell Kartik I m waiting for him. Bau ji says I didn’t understand what happened. Kartik says Naira will get angry on me. Dadi says its limit, she went to her parents’ house, she wants Kartik to convince her. Naitik says if anything happened to Naira. Manish says if anything happened to Kartik. Suwarna says we should call them and ask if Naira is fine. Manish says she will be fine, my son is in trouble. Suwarna says our son. He nods.

Naksh says we will talk to Naira in morning. They all go. Naitik says you can go there and talk to Kartik. Naira says no, I want to stay in my house, only with Kartik, there is much tension there, no one understands me. Dadi says I m angry on Naira, Kartik loves her so much, she always takes advantage of it, see what happened to him, thank God those men got him home, she has gone to her Maayka.

Naira says they don’t understand Kartik and my relation, Dadi calls him henpencked husband, so I don’t take his help, he doesn’t understand, I don’t understand staying away, I feel really guilty. Manish says I will not forgive her. Naitik says he has to apologize, they didn’t do right with Naira, I explained Dadi last time.

Its morning, Naira wakes up and sees everyone. She says I m here, how come, where is Kartik. Kartik wakes up and sees everyone. Dadi wards off bad sight. He asks Manish where is Naira, is everything okay. Naira asks how did I come here, why don’t I recollect anything, who brought me here. Kartik says I left home in anger, where is Naira, is she okay. Aryan thinks Kartik is becoming Ghajini in Naira’s love. Naira asks what happened, will someone tell me. Naitik recalls her words.

Naitik says you were unwell, so we got you here. She asks why did you not get Kartik. Manish says Naira is fine. Kartik says she left with me, tell me. Naitik says we will drop you and talk to them. Naira says yes, Kartik would be tense. She goes to get ready. Rajshri asks Naitik to stay calm and talk. Devyaani says Naira doesn’t remember, you re understanding right. Manish says Kartik is still singing her praises, Naira did wrong.

Naitik, Naksh and Naira come to Goenka house. Manish recalls Kartik’s state. Naitik recalls Naira’s satte. Naira greets Manish and Dadi. They don’t reply. Naira thinks why is everyone so quiet, where is Kartik. Dadi says you could have come after some time, after troubling us more. Naitik says don’t assume we don’t understand your taunts, you don’t care for Naira, even Kartik didn’t think about her. Dadi says you know what Naira did yesterday. Kartik comes downstairs and sees them.

Dadi says she fought with Kartik, he went after her. Manish says some men got Kartik here in an inebriated state, he was hurt. Naitik asks did you think if anything happened to Naira. Dadi asks why would Kartik leave Naira. Naitik says who jumps in fire by self will. They get shocked.

Naitik says she didn’t even know the danger, she was waiting for Kartik. Naksh says we were passing by, else anything could have happened. Dadi says Naira doesn’t understand anything, she is so stubborn. Naitik asks how could you accuse her that she made Kartik a henpecked husband, this happened because of you. They all get shocked.

Naira thinks who told this to you Papa. Kartik thinks Naira didn’t do this right, she told this to Naitik, she has hurt me a lot. Naira thinks I can’t imagine to tell this, I care for your respect. Kartik stops Naitik and says sorry, but you can’t talk to Dadi like this. Manish smiles.

Naira says lets go home Papa. She leaves with Naitik. Dadi gets worried and says its Jiji’s call. Naira cries in her room. Dadi comes to talk to her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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