Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 21st February 2018 Episode written Update; Avni is Rescued!

Shiv uses all his strength to pull Avni out of danger safely.

Madhvi’s eyes widen in shock seeing Avni flying in air. Vyom also follows her gaze and is stunned.

Shiv falls down drained of all the energy.

Madhvi wonders how it happened. Vyom says Bade Bhaiya is here to save Avni. It is Shiv’s ghost. Madhvi remembers Shiv’s words and is stunned. Shiv? Vyom says do you understand my pain now. I am fighting not just with humans but ghosts too! Madhvi wants to go to Avni but Vyom does not want Shiv to tell Sharanya anything. My story will end then. We should leave now. He covers her mouth and takes her with him.

Rati cries thinking about Avni.

Avni requests Shiv to wake up. Help me Bhaiya. Shiv gains conscious. Are you fine? She tells him she got hurt. It is

paining. He tries touching her but his hand passes through. Avni says no one can hear me apart from you. Shiv shares that no one can see him too. She asks him if he is angel. He nods. He keeps his hand near wound and uses his strength to heal her. She is amazed to see the ice. Shiv tells her he must go home now to call her mother and Sharanya Didi. You will wait for me right? She asks him not to go. I will be scared. He explains that he cannot lift her. I will be back soon. You will wait here right? She nods. Come soon Bhaiya.

Madhvi’s pleas are unheard by Vyom. That ghost will save Avni. Madhvi runs out of the car when he heads towards his seat. He shouts after her but she runs off. Go to hell! I have to reach Sharanya before Shiv can tell her anything. He drives away.

Sharanya keeps calling out o Shiv. I need you. Please come here. Shiv asks her to come fast with him. Sharanya asks him what happened. he tells her there isn’t time to explain. Avni needs you. She is fine but she needs you and Rati immediately. Sharanya knocks at Rati’s door. We have news about Avni. Let’s go to her right away. Rati asks her about Avni. Where is she? Is she fine? Sharanya looks at Shiv who tells her that they will know everything. We must hurry up. Rati and Sharanya are going outside when Vyom greets them. Where are you both off to? Rati lies that they are going to temple. He asks them if he should come along. Sharanya denies. The puja is for women. He keeps talking to hold them for longer. Shiv tells Sharanya to hurry up. We don’t have time. Vyom tells the ladies to pray for Avni’s long life. Pray for our entire family. Sharanya nods and leaves with Rati.

Vyom realises that Shiv dint see him there or he would have told Sharanya.

Sharanya and Rati sit in the car. Sharanya asks Rati why she lied to Vyom. Rati tells her they will talk about it later. Where are we off to? Sharanya looks at Shiv in the rear view mirror. Shiv gives her the address. Rati looks at the backseat puzzled. How do you know about Avni? Is she fine? Sharanya assures her that she is fine.

Avni says where you are angel. Sharanya and Rati reach there just then. Rati runs off to Avni and hugs her. Sharanya asks her if she is fine. Avni looks at Shiv who smiles. She thanks him for bringing her mother here. Shiv says you are welcome my Pari (angel). Sharanya looks at him puzzled. Shiv explains that Avni can see him and talk to him. Kids have a pure soul. Maybe because of that! Avni blows a kiss at Shiv. Sharanya asks Avni who brought her here. Rati suggests leaving all those questions behind. She is so hurt. Let’s go home. Shiv knows that Rati is lying. This time he asks Avni. She gets concerned for her mother. Shiv assures Avni he wont let anything happen to her. He tells Sharanya how he found Avni. Sharanya asks Rati if she knows who brought Avni here. Madhvi is shocked to hear it. Sharanya again asks Rati to speak up. Sharanya was hanging by the bridge. Rati is stunned. Sharanya asks her if she is trying to save the one who was trying to hurt Avni. Tell me who brought her here. Was it Vyom? Rati looks at Avni. She keeps asking Rati repeatedly if it was Vyom who brought Avni here. Rati notices Madhvi hiding in the bushes. Madhvi folds her hands. Rati lies to Sharanya. Stop asking so many questions. Avni is hurt. Let’s go home. Shiv understands that Rati is still lying. Let it be. No one will tell us anything here. Let’s go. Sharanya asks Rati if she still wants to go in that house. Rati nods. Avni will be safe there. They head towards the car. Sharanya notices something hanging in a nearby tree and picks it.

Vyom is practising guitar. Rajan shouts for Madhvi and asks Vyom about her. Vyom lies that she went to gym. You know your wife and her habits! Rajan tells him to mind his tongue. You are talking about your mother. Vyom says sorry to him. She dint tell me anything also. Rajan asks about others. He notices Rati and Sharanya enter with a wounded Avni. Vyom wonders if Shiv told them everything. He too acts to be concerned about Avni. Rajan asks Rati how Avni got hurt. Rati fumbles. Shiv and Sharanya observe Vyom.

Rati lies that Avni went to her friend’s home and fell down. Rajan asks her if she is mad. She is a kid. Vyom points out that they said they were going to temple. Sharanya covers up saying that they got call on the way and went to pick Avni. Rajan demands to know what is going in the house. Where is everyone? Sharanya shares that Chandni went to her mom. Rajan is irked that no one thought to tell him anything. I have to go to Dehradun. I am getting late. Vyom offers to tell her but Rajan refuses to go anywhere without meeting Madhvi. Do you have any problem? Vyom shakes his head.

Madhvi comes there and calls out to Rajan. They share a hug. Vyom notices that she changed her clothes to take my side. There is no surety though. Madhvi lies to Rajan that she went to gym. Rajan tells her he was so worried. You got up this early after years. I panicked not seeing you there. Vyom wonders what they are talking. Shiv is also thinking about the same. Madhvi was also not in the house. She might know something. Rajan assures Madhvi they will try to solve Vyom’s problem. We have to talk some drastic steps to save Vyom. I am ready if we have to send Vyom to jail to bring him on the right path. Shiv was inching closer when Vyom distracts his parents. Vyom asks Sharanya if she saw the recent love between his parents. We should have something similar. What say Chachi? Rati looks away.

Rajan leaves telling Madhvi to take care. Madhvi and Rajan look at each other before he finally walks out of the house.

Rati bandages Avni’s wound. Sharanya sits in her feet but Rati hugs her. Thank you for saving Avni’s life! Sharanya says you don’t know that there is someone in the house who committed a big crime! Rati asks her why she is getting into this trouble. Do you realise what big danger you are in? You dint do anything wrong. Why do you want to get into this trouble? These people have nothing to do with you. They will kill you! Shiv also overhears their conversation. I lost my life but I wont let anything happen to Sharanya.

Precap: Shiv reminds Sharanya about the solar eclipse which is due soon. You have to leave this house by then. Sharanya suggests facing Vyom instead of running away. Shiv tells her to stop it. We don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to punish anyone! You must leave this house!

Update Credit to: Pooja


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