Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 21st February 2018 Episode Written Update; Rishi Blackmails Tanuja

Rishi blackmails Tanuja that he will tell Abhishek about being with her in the washroom while he was waiting for them in his office. Tanuja asks if he is emotionally blackmailing her, and understands why Natasha does this. Rohit and Abhishek joins them at the table. Rishi says Tanuja agreed to do the interior and takes a leave for washroom. Afterwards AK asks Tanuja why she agreed, she replies she is actually a good interior designer. Rishab takes a nearby table and stares at Tanuja. AK notices she was visibly uncomfortable and blocks their vision by changing seats. Rishi turns to face the mirror and smiles at her. They share a few texts, Tanuja was irritated and requests him to leave as AK might mind. Rishi finally leaves.
The waiter serves ice cream. Tanuja denies it first but AK insists on her

to taste it. Tanuja thinks about Rishi while having it. Rishi walks into the hall with a cup of ice cream in hand and smiles at him.
AK sends Tanuja to go inside and call Natasha, he doesn’t want to face Natasha. He says Tanuja may tell her that he brought chocolates for her.
Inside, Natasha shows her drawing to Tanya. Rano scolds her for calling Rishi as her Papa. Tanuja comes to interrupt Rano, she allows Natasha to call Rishi as her father then sends both girls out to get chocolates from the car. She clarifies to Rano that she won’t bear Rano misbehave with Natasha like she did to her. Rano says Tanuja is behind Rishi. Tanuja asks if she must explain who is behind. Rishi wants her to design the interior of his new office. She turns to see Bee ji smiling at her, she appreciates Tanuja for replying Rano today. If she had done this earlier, neither hearts nor houses must have changed. Rishi smiles watching Tanuja leave.
At night, AK says it must have been difficult for Tanuja to live in that house, with all of Rano’s dislike for her. Tanuja tells him to leave the talk. In the court, two mothers faced each other. One for her son and the other for her daughter. She says he will only realize it if he fell in love. AK says he loves Tanuja. Tanuja calls him crazy, he is well aware she loves Rishi. She knows he is joking, and must not do it again else the relation of friendship they share may be effected adversely.
Tanuja comes out of the house and finds Rishi there. He congratulates Tanuja for fighting Rano for Natasha. He wish she had fought Rano earlier, they might have been together then. Tanuja says she wasn’t selfish then, but can bear anything against their daughter. Rishi says he likes the new Tanuja, who is brave and takes a stand; her retaliating personality is nice. Tanuja tells him to leave, if AK says something to him again she might dislike it. Rishi asks her to leave him. Rishi says they will meet tomorrow in his new office and offers to take her along. Tanuja turns around and says he isn’t as bad as she thought about him. Rishi says he also wanted to say something, but not today. Abhishek watch this from window of his room.
Inside, Tanuja smiles thinking about how Rishi defended her in the court. His wish that she had fought for them. Outside, Rishi cheers that Tanuja has fallen for him today again. She was shocked to see AK in the room. AK says he wanted to tell her something. Tanuja says if it’s about Natasha or Rano she doesn’t want to hear this. AK says its about Rishi’s office, he saw a girl with him in the office washroom. He is still wandering behind girls even after loving her. Tanuja replies she knows about it.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tanuja they will never forget each other. Tanuja says it will happen after divorce when their ways would part. Rishi says he won’t forget Tanuja, nor will he let her forget him.

Update Credit to: Sona


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