Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2018 Episode written Update; Abhigya Celebrate Valentines Day

Abhi and Pragya were drunk, sits right behind the fire. Abhi boasts about being everything in the hospital till morning, he served her. He says he will now show her man-fire brigade. He walks towards the fire, then sits back saying he is really hungry right now. Pragya says she had prepared kheer for him but notices it burnt. Pragya begins crying. Abhi accompanying her. Pragya finally pours some food from a pan. They were happy they won’t need to warm the food. Pragya feeds Abhi with her own hands. She looks towards his face but his expressions show it’s not good. Abhi asks her to taste it, Pragya smiles over the good taste of the food. Abhi takes the next bite and says it’s better now. They share some good moments with each other.
The family stood outside the kitchen. Raaj asks if it’s

Aaliya’s attempt to kill Pragya. Aaliya says it’s not her deliberate act, her brother is stuck in the fire. Simonika was happy that they won’t be spared alive. Purab tries to get inside but Disha stops him and asks about fire extinguisher. He and Raaj leave to get it. Disha prays for the safety of Abhi and Pragya. Simonika was happy that she planned death for one but both would die today.
After the meal, Abhi asks to have something sweet. Pragya reminds they are in fire. Abhi says its Valentine’s Day today. Pragya teases if he would have the burnt kheer? The fire now reached their clothes. Pragya says she prepared the kheer for him; her surprise was all ruined. Abhi says he also got a surprise for her. He looks around for it, then finds it half burnt already. Pragya asks what is it, Abhi was upset that it was a saree but was burnt. Pragya was weepy that he brought it in kitchen, he must have kept it away from fire. Abhi says Disha told him she was in kitchen, so he brought it here. Pragya was flattered that he went to market to specially shop for her. Abhi tells her that Purab accompanied him, and he also met her NGO lady who sent her love for her. Pragya cries that he ruined her gift by coming into the kitchen. Even Purab must have stopped him. Abhi says Pragya had burnt the kheer, and he now burnt the saree. Pragya blames Abhi for doing it deliberately. She gets close to him blaming him for everything. Abhi thinks she must be a magician, he must think about to way to silence her. Abhi touches her nose and begins to move towards her and stuffs her mouth. As soon as they get straighten Pragya’s complains begin again. Abhi forces a kiss into her mouth to shut her up. The fire had reached the bench they were sitting over. Abhi carries Pragya into the cupboard.
Outside, the family panics about delay in fire brigade arrival. Tannu was worried about what Abhi and Pragya must be doing inside. Simonika taunts that lovers always love.
Abhi tells Pragya he will no more question her if she is Fuggi?
Purab and Disha get into the kitchen with fire extinguisher. Simonika wish they are dead before fire can be put off.

PRECAP: Abhi and Pragya were unconscious, suspectedly because of fire filling their lungs. The family pray for their life and safety.

Update Credit to: Sona


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