Naamkaran 21st February 2018 Episode Written Update

A girl tells Avni that they have reached safely and she should not be scared. Avni rushes to the side and starts puking. A boy tells Avni that she has got motion sickness. Avni prepares the children to meet new landlord. Avni reaches someone’s house along with the kids, Sunehri and Tara Sitara. Avni thinks she has to impress the landlord to get the house. The landlord comes and gets tensed seeing so many kids. The kids start introducing themselves. One girl acts to get possessed with the landlord’s dead husband’s spirit. The landlord throws them all out. Everyone goes to the beach and Avni is upset. Sunehri scolds the kids for harassing Nilanjana. A girl says that they did not want to live in the dirty house. Avni tells Sunehri that their present house is in danger and she has to find another house soon as she will be homeless with all these kids. Sunehri tells Avni that she will fight back this situation. All kids make posters and apologize to Nilanjana/ Avni.

All kids dance around Avni and she smiles. Later, Avni tells Sunehri that Saisha is the same Mishti who used to always be a scared little child. Sunehri says that she too has changed so much. Sunehri says that she has kept Neil in her name. Avni says that she has given herself a new identity. Avni gives a surprise to the kids and cuts a cake. Avni thinks Happy Birthday Neil. Neil thinks that he saw Avni. Neil sees some people doing motorbike racing. Neil tells the winner that he will race with him. Neil sits on the bike and gets ready for the race. The race starts and Neil goes speeding ahead. Neil imagines Avni sitting behind him and Avni asks him to stop as he can hurt himself. Neil thinks that whenever he takes up any danger, Avni will always come to stop him. Neil decides to do dangerous acts so that he can always have Avni with him. Neil wins the race. Avni tells Sunehri that they have to reach Kashid soon. Avni and the others reach a restaurant. All kids are worried seeing the prices of the dishes and therefore they order cheap items.  Avni asks all kids to hide the prices and order whatever they want. Avni tells the waiter to get pizzas for everyone. One kid says that Avni felt bad so she is giving them treat. Saisha goes towards the washroom and he hears Neil’s voice on the radio.  Neil tells about his past stories with Avni on radio. KK prepares his award speech. KK’s secretary says that he will get award only if he performs in the award function. KK sees Neil’s biodata and says that he will become his bodyguard. KK says that Neil will come with him to Kashid.

Precap: Saisha tells Avni about the RJ. Avni hears Neil’s voice on the radio.

Pic Credit: OU


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