Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 22nd February 2018 Episode Written Update

Sharanya comes to her room and finds Shiv there. Did you see how afraid Chachi and Avni were from Vyom? I am sure he only took Avni there. I tried asking Chachi so many times but she isn’t saying anything against Vyom. You can talk to Avni but she is also scared to say anything. Shiv asks her if what Rati told her dint make her understand how things are. Go away from this house! Sharanya stays put. I wont go anywhere. Don’t you understand? He asks her if she cannot understand or does not wish to understand. This guy killed me, your father, his Chacha. You are saying that he kidnapped a little girl and could have killed her too! What’s left to see now? Forget about others, he doubts you too! Don’t know what he will do if his doubt is confirmed. You are under his watch all

the time. Please leave this house for my sake! She asks him if he is serious. I should spare the one who killed my papa; snatched my love from me and tried harming a little girl? I wont go anywhere till the time I punish him! Shiv asks her if they found any proof against Vyom till date. She nods. I have found clues with which we can trap Vyom. I found a bracelet from the place where Vyom took Avni.

Shiv tells her to stop it. Enough is enough! What will happen? Will I or your papa return? Don’t you understand that it does not matter to me who killed me! I wanted to spend more time with you which is why I let you do whatever you wanted to but I realise it was my selfishness. I cannot risk your life anymore. You will have to go far away from Vyom so he cannot find you ever! She knows Vyom will find her from anywhere. It is better to face him instead.

Shiv reminds Sharanya about the solar eclipse which is due soon. You said the danger is on everyone! She insists this is the reason why she wont leave the house. He tells her she cannot take responsibility for everyone. She asks him if he remembers that he said this in the past too.

Flashback shows Shiv trying to read / learn the dialogues. He tells Sharanya he wont be able to do it. She tells him he wont know anything till he will take the girl out on a date. He looks at her in confusion. She covers up saying that she was talking about acting. Peon tells her that the light will return on Monday only. She points out that the play is after 2 days! Peon repeats his words and goes. Flashback ends.

Sharanya says I never learnt to give up!

Scene shifts to past again. Shiv asks Sharanya what she is doing. She replies that she is doing what no one wants to do. He asks her to come down. You will get hurt this way. She asks for the tape while he asks her to come down again. There is no point coming down. She stays put. He thinks she will understand when she will get shock. She fixes the light instead surprising him. there is no need to be dependant on the universe! Nothing is impossible in the wold. You just have to try. She falls in Shiv’s arms as her foot slips. They share an eye lock. Sharanya says electric shock wasn’t as strong as the shock of falling in his arms was. He asks her if no one told her how big Gundi she is. He says romantic shayari without stopping while looking her in her eyes. He drops her on the floor and smiles. She asks him why he dropped her! Shiv agrees that he was thinking too much. Nothing is impossible. I guess I can act but I don’t wish to act with you. She asks him the reason but he does not reply. She wonders why he has so much attitude. Flashback ends.

Shiv says it was a joke. She points out that he would have given that role to Vyom if she hadn’t done that. I know that was a play and this is reality. I know we are all in danger. Vyom is in the house and we are all under a threat. This is why I wont leave the house! He tells her to go ahead then. if you fail in doing so, you must leave the house. I wont be able to forgive myself if Vyom hurts you in my absence. She is about to cup his face but stops. He notices the bracelet on the bed and recalls seeing a lady in the car when he was being killed. He tells her about it. It belongs to the same person who saw my death! She says we got another clue. It means that the one who killed you and who kidnapped Avni is same. if we are able to find out that it is Vyom, we will be able to confront him! He tells her to hurry up. You and I only have 2 days.

Sharanya wonders where Shiv goes to at this hour. What do you do?

A lady is looking out of the window. Shiv is sitting by the lake. His past memories with Sharanya flash before his eyes. A smile appears on his face. Your smile soothes my soul even after my death. It is why I am alive! Why don’t you understand that I get afraid wondering if Vyom indeed is my killer? What will he do to you when he has killed me in the past? I will not be able to forgive myself if you will stay in the house even when I am gone! Why don’t you understand that I will die peacefully only when you will leave the house finally!

Sharanya refuses to be selfish. I have to help everyone. I must get everyone out of all these problems. She lights diya in the house temple. You (Mata Rani) allowed Shiv to come back in the world so he can help me. I ask for strength to get his killer punished! I am sure it is Vyom only as all the evidences are against him. Do something. Give me one last hint so I can get Shiv’s culprit punished. It is Valentine’s Day, the day of love, after 2 days. Shiv returned to this world for love. I wish to do my duty for that same love. I want to punish his culprit. Give me strength. Give me one last clue please. She gets a call from someone and is shocked. She turns to go but thanks Mata Rani first for showing her this path. Diya blows off. Vyom is standing upstairs.

Sharanya sits in the car. Shiv asks her where she is off to alone. Sharanya says I am getting habitual to it. You are leaving me in 2 days. He says there is a difference. I have to leave. I am not doing it willingly. She does not see much of a difference in that and tells him this. He asks her where she is off to. She reminds him of his deadline. I have to uncover Vyom’s truth in 2 days. I am doing that only.

Vyom is looking for Sharanya but does not find her in the house. Did she leave to spy again?

Madhvi is thinking about the recent incident and is tensed. Vyom thanks her for not telling Dad the truth. Why did you get out from the car? Do you know where Sharanya is? She declines. He says you should know. You were on the bridge when Avni was there. Rati Chachi and Sharanya brought Avni home. Madhvi says I dint tell them anything. I don’t know how they found out but they dint see me. Relax. He tells her not to get hyper. I am asking very normally. Are you scared of me? Are you scared of your son? He inches closer to her while she backtracks. He leans closer. Tell me where Sharanya is or else!

Precap: Vyom pulls Sharanya and dances with her forcibly on Humma Humma song. Shiv angrily blows out all the candles. Vyom looks around angrily. Shiv glares at Vyom.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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