Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 22nd February 2018 Episode Written Update; Rishi Proposes to Tanuja

The Episode starts with AK telling Tanuja that Rishi was with some girl in the bathroom. Tanuja says she knew the girl and they were not doing anything. AK asks who was she? Tanuja says she can’t tell him. AK tells Tanuja that his old friends are coming. Tanuja and AK reminisces how she used to save him from girls. Tanuja asks when they are coming and says she will make all the arrangements of food. AK thinks whenever Rishi is not around, everything is good between them. Tanuja calls Rishi and tells that she can’t come. Rishi thinks to take her for having sweets. Guests come from London. They tell AK that he is lucky to have Tanuja as his wife. AK tells that he had affairs, but his ultimate love is Tanuja.

AK’s ex girlfriends come. Ak behaves formally. Tanuja thinks why is he uncomfortable

with his ex. Rishi comes there and introduces himself as Rishi Singh Bedi and Ak’s friend. AK hugs each other. Ak takes him to side and asks him not to create scene. Rishi comes to guests and asks if AK called them. They say yes. Rishi thinks AK called them so that she don’t meet me. And flirts with girls.

Tanuja says you are a flirt. She goes to kitchen. Rishi follows her. Tanuja asks why you are flirting with AK’s friend and asks him to go. Rishi says AK have been using you to get saved from his girl friends. Tanuja says once our divorce is done , you can’t blackmail me, our ways will be different. Rishi says I can see fear in my eyes. He says it is impossible for me to forget you and I won’t let that happen. He asks her to make fresh juice for him and not tetra pack juice.

Ak thinks what they are doing in kitchen. Tanuja brings juice and asks Rishi to take fresh juice. AK is about to take that glass but Tanuja stops him. Rishi understands she has added something in it to make him leave. AK also thinks the same. Guest tells AK that he is lucky to get Tanuja as a wife. Rishi couldn’t bear it and tells that Tanuja is his wife and not of AK. Tanuja asks what you are saying? Rishi says he dreams that Tanuja is his wife. AK says Tanuja is mine and not yours. Rishi asks him not to say further. He tells the guests that he has proposed Tanuja in dreams and bends down in front of her with rose and asks her to like him and says he wants to get her.

Tanuja asks Rishi why did he create scene. Rishi says even my relatives know that we are husband and wife and tells that he is not calling them to exhibit their relation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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