Naamkaran 22nd February 2018 Episode Written Update

A boy says that Nilanjana celebrates on the same day every year. The boy says that Jaan didi is celebrating someone’s birthday every year. Saisha comes there and says that Jaan Didi has chosen this day to treat all of them every year. Saisha asks Avni to get a radio as they don’t have a radio at home Saisha says that there is a very good RJ. Saisha praises the RJ. Just as Avni reaches to hear Neil’s voice on the Radio, KK reaches the Radio station and takes over from Neil. Saisha says that the radio is very nice but Avni says that they cannot afford it. Avni advices Saisha not to think about fairytale romances.

Avni advices Saisha about life but she is distracted. Neil asks KK to leave. KK tells Neil that he has got a good opportunity for him. KK tells Neil that he is ready to give him as much money to take up job with him. KK tells Neil that he wants him as his body double to do risky stunts. KK says he has to do risky stunts and therefore he needs him to do it for him. Neil gets interested and thinks that he will get an opportunity to put his life at risk. Neil says he will take up the job but not for money.  KK tells Neil that they have to go to Kashid. Neil thinks that he will put his life at risk each moment just to get a glimpse of Avni. Avni drives the van but goes very slowly and everyone gets irritated. KK and Neil are in the car together and KK keeps praising himself. KK asks Neil to teach him stunts. KK asks Neil to get some romance in his life. Neil puts tape on KK’s mouth and tells him that he cannot teach him love. Avni reaches her house along with the kids. Saisha tells Avni that they love living in their sukoon house. Some goons break things in the house. Avni calls the police. Avni begs the goons not to snatch house from kids. Goon asks Avni to leave house immediately. Goons leave and Avni is distressed. Police comes and asks Avni to hire a lawyer. Avni thinks she will need a lot of money for lawyer. Avni says that she makes little money with tuitions. Tara and Sitara offer to work but Avni refuses.  Sunehri sees that all the food of the house has been destroyed. Avni says she will get more food. Avni tells the kids that they will eat samosas today. Kids understand that there is no food so they all say that they will not eat. Avni says that she will end their hunger. KK stops the car to buy chewing gumand starts his drama again. Neil senses Avni’s presence in that place. Avni also senses Neil’s presence.

Precap: Neil asks Mowgli if he is hungry. Avni come searching for Mowgli and sees Neil.


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