Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira saying you created misunderstandings between me and Kartik, I heard you thinking you have more experience, what’s the result, my Kartik got away, our belief ended, you thought he is henpecked husband, today he proved this wrong, you should be happy, you made him what you thought for him, he didn’t understand me, he didn’t stop me from coming to Maayka, go and tell everyone that he is not a henpecked husband. Rajshri, Devyaani and others talk about Dadi convincing Naira. Naira asks Dadi to say something. Dadi says I don’t have to say anything. Naira says you stayed quiet when you had to say, sorry for my words, I don’t want to say anything now. She opens the door for Dadi. Dadi goes. Surekha asks what did she say, what will happen tomorrow. Dadi

says don’t know, this time Naira is much annoyed, she expressed it today, even Kartik won’t listen to me. Surekha says try to talk to him, we have no other way.

Lav and Kush sing a rap and asks Kartik to get Naira back. Dadi and Surekha come home. Surekha says I think Lav and Kush will do your work. Kartik scolds Lav and Kush and goes. Everyone looks on. Surekha says Kartik won’t go to get Naira, what will you do tomorrow, when Mausi comes. Naira and Kartik miss each other. Its morning, Suwarna says I have done what I could, listen to my prayers Lord, return my children’s happiness. Dadi says hurry up, Jiji is coming, take everything in. Aryan says Mausi Dadi is coming alone, we are not sending anyone to pick her, how will she come. Akhilesh says she will come on her own. Lav and Kush talk to Naira and ask her to scold Kartik, he scolded them. Naira says he maybe worried. She explains them and asks them not to stay annoyed with Kartik, he loves them. They say thanks, we love Kartik, he is world’s best brother. Kartik smiles seeing them. They hide phone. Kartik hugs them and says very sorry, this won’t happen again, promise me, you won’t tease me by Naira’s name, I don’t like it these days. Naira hears him.

Dadi asks for stress medicines. She says I m scared of Jiji, I can fight with world, not her. She sees Suwarna and recalls her words. Suwarna gives aarti to everyone. Surekha asks where is Kartik. Akhilesh says he isn’t in room. Dadi says maybe he went to get Naira. They see Kartik coming downstairs. Dadi asks Kartik to get Naira. He gets angry. Aryan asks who’s that woman having golgappas outside. Dadi says Jiji has come, Naira isn’t here, what will I answer her now. Jiji asks the man to serve more water, its tasty. Dadi and everyone come out and see her. Naira says Maasi Dadi and says have one of my choice. Jiji likes it. Dadi and everyone get shocked. Naira sees Kartik. She asks Maasi Dadi/Jiji to see everyone. Dadi hugs Jiji. Kirti says they will get chance to talk if they are together. Baisa says but Dadi should give them a chance, she came here for her motive. Rajshri says it doesn’t matter, Naira has gone to her house, I agree with Kirti. Naksh says Kartik also misunderstood Naira. Naitik says if this gets fine, I will be most happy.

Dadi asks Jiji is she fine, did doctor permit her to travel. She introduces Shubham. Aryan greets Mausi Dadi. She says I was glad when Naira came to pick me at airport. Naira and Kartik have panipuri. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Dadi says I don’t eat all this. Jiji jokes on her. She says you didn’t change Bubbly. They all laugh.

Jiji says everyone has nicknames in childhood. She hugs Dadi. Aryan says I will call Dadi as Bubbly Dadi. Jiji says you are lucky to have lovely family, everything is perfect, except one thing. Dadi asks what. Jiji says Naira and Kartik….. they aren’t perfect, they are much higher than perfect. They all smile. Jiji says their bond is lovely. She asks Naira about Kartik, why didn’t he have golgappas, is he annoyed. Kartik says yes…. Naira says no, he is acting decent. She feeds golgappas to Kartik. Jiji says you reminded me about your Mausa Dada. Suwarna looks on.

Kartik goes to sleep in kids room. Suwarna and Jiji don’t open the door.

Update Credit to: Amena


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