Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2018 Episode Written Update

Everyone is seen in the sangeet ceremony. Veer signs Anika. She goes. Jhanvi asks Gauri about grah shanti puja arrangements. Gauri says everything is done, I will make garlands along with Anika. Jhanvi asks why, I just want Rudra’s brother and Bhabhi to be here, this puja is for Rudra’s marriage, I don’t want distant relatibes, Tej is not attending the wedding as Shivaye is organizing it, Om should be prominent in puja at least. Anika says yes Gauri, everything will happen as Jhanvi is saying, DJ hasn’t shown me songs list, I will see him. Jhanvi asks Bhavya to get ready for puja quickly after sangeet. Soumya looks on and thinks Rudra is doing rasams with you Bhavya, but his marriage will happen with me, just wait and watch.

Shivaye calls out Anika and says all set, what happened. Anika

cries and says we returned in this house, but couldn’t return in Tej and Jhanvi’s hearts, Jhanvi didn’t forget us. He sees Veer and stops. He says everything will get fine, we are on a different mission, its not the time to fall weak, we got to be strong, quickly get into your character. She says Kumari Rosie Rani is back. Shivaye asks Pinky to see guests. They go. Pinky says my son is performing on stage and I see guests, not possible, Jhanvi will attend guests. Shivaye welcomes everyone and thanks for coming in Rudra’s marriage. He says we have simple funda, one for all, all for one, so Oberoi brothers will be performing first. ShivOmru dance on Swag se swagat. Gauri and Bhavya dance with Omru.

Veer says partner, its time to prove yourself, take this. Anika takes the screwdriver. He says good luck. She goes. Avni recalls Veer’s words. She removes the screws. Gauri and Bhavya get down the stage. The backdrop falls over ShivOmru. Veer smiles. Pinky shouts Shivaye. They all get shocked. ShivOmru tear the picture cloth and emerge out safe. Anika and everyone get relieved. Hum saath ek duje ke….plays…. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya run on stage and hug them. Everyone smiles.

Anika asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes. She asks how did you do this. He says as Dadi says, where there is a will, there is a way. He recalls. He asks someone to make a backdrop that looks heavy, it should be feather-light, understood. FB ends. Pinky asks who booked such bad decorators, if anything happened to them. Shivaye says we have to clear this stage, sorry, why don’t you all go and get some refreshments.

Shivaye says what did he wish to do by making backdrop fall. Anika says he wanted to hurt you. He says no, he would have hurt me before, he didn’t need you for this, talk to him and find out, we need to find who’s that inside that’s joining hands with Raavan to ruin Ayodhya. Soumya says tell me if you don’t want to help me. Veer says I m helping you, making backdrop fall was not my plan, I was just taking test of my new recruit, trust me, you will get what you want. Anika sees him and says whom is he talking to. She says partner, whom were you talking to. He asks why do you care. She says I just care about Oberois’ money, you confuse me. She jokes on his plan. He smiles and says why do I feel you are happy that my plan flopped.

She says I feel like laughing, nothing happened to those three brothers, result is zero. He says result will come when my real plan works. She says tell me in detail. He says I was just distracting Oberois, my real plan is something else. She asks what do you mean. He says deadly plan. He recalls sending juice for ShivOmru, Gauri and Bhavya. He says you know partner, I entrusted you with a small task, you did it well, then I carried out my big work, the real fun begins now, Oberois will be ridiculed, then it will happen what I want, I added bhaang in the juice. She thinks I have to stop them. She sees everyone drinking the juice. She says the real fun will begin now, I will have some food and come. She goes.

Jhanvi says Pinky we can’t get late, we have to feed 11 brahmans, Soumya call Bhavya. Pinky says its Bhavya’s sangeet, till we feed brahmans, let children enjoy. Shivaye says mom is right, you go, we will come in some time. Pinky says get Anika, I need her help. Jhanvi asks why, my two bahus will help. Pinky says I need my bahu too. Shakti says lets leave now. They leave. Anika comes to Shivaye and asks did you have that juice, thank God, you would have told our plan to him, I feel like slapping him. He says I also want to do the same, he made me his enemy without any reason, what does he think of himself, he made you like this, please be my Anika, why am I telling this to you, this is possible when I show my Veerta/bravery to Veer, I agree he is tall, but I m good at fighting, I will lift him like a cockroach and crush him in my hand, there he flies, over there. She says I think he had bhaang drink. He shouts Veer, come out if you are really Veer. She says I can’t handle him, I have to call Omru. She goes to Omru and says come fast, Shivaye had drunk bhaang, he is challenging Veer.

Shivaye shouts to Veer. Omru come. Anika asks Omru to explain. Shivaye asks do you want to say something. Omru say no. She says make him understand. Rudra says please understand. Shivaye says I understood. She asks did you also drink bhaang drink. Omru laugh. Shivaye asks Veer to come out. Om says Rudra load the pistol, I will crush him. Anika asks what are you doing. Rudra says I will throw him on the floor. Om says then I will them jump on him. Shivaye says I will lift his hand and make him slap himself. Anika says no. Shivaye says yes, Veer come, your death is waiting for you. Veer comes and asks did you call me. ShivOmru stare at him and walk towards. Veer walks ahead. They surround him and stare. Anika worries. ShivOmru try to shout and faint down. Anika looks on. Veer smiles and says they were challenging me, fake tigers fell unconscious…..

Anika asks why are you smiling so much, why are you showing interest in Rudra’s puja, did you do all that to stop this puja. Veer says my plan was not to stop puja, my plan was to make Soumya attend the puja instead of Bhavya, Soumya is happy about it, even Soumya is helping us to destroy Oberois. Anika gets shocked and sees Soumya.

Update Credit to: Amena


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