Naamkaran 23rd February 2018 Episode Written Update; Neil Comes to Avni’s House

KK asks Neil to protect him from fans. However, no one recognizes him and KK gets embarrassed. Avni looks for Mowgli and when she finds him, she asks him not to leave her hand. Avni tells Mowgli that they need to find a lawyer soon. A fan meets KK and tells him to accompany him. The woman takes KK and Neil to a café. Avni and Mowgli come to the same café. Avni is just behind Neil and he feels her presence. Mowgli gets lost again and Avni looks for him. Woman tells KK that Kashid people are organizing an event and asks him to be chief guest. Mowgli meets Neil and Neil asks him if he is hungry. Mowgli chooses lots of food and says that goons ruined all their food. Neil gets sad and asks shopkeeper to give him whatever he wants. Neil leaves and Avni finds Mowgli. Avni sees the packed food and asks who paid for it.

Mowgli says a man paid. Avni wants to know who is the man? Avni and Mowgli go looking for the person but just as Mowgli points at Neil, some media people surround Neil and KK. Avni hides her face from media and leaves. Saisha praises KK in front of her friend. Saisha comes to know that KK is in her area and she tries to go to meet him but Sunehri stops her. Sunehri manages to stop Saisha from meeting KK. Avni tells the shop owner that she could not thank the man who bought all the food for them. Avni gives the owner money and asks her to give it to the man when he comes back. Avni reads a pamphlet where there is cash prize of 50000 who wins competition. Avni calls up to get details of the competition and Neil arrives close by. The shop owner meets Neil and gives the money that Avni had given for him. Neil gets the note on which it is written thank you. Shweta calls Neil and asks him whether he ate well. Shweta scolds Neil for not eating proper food. Neil keeps looking at the note with thank you message. Bebe tells Shweta that Neil is not moving forward since past 10 years. Shweta tells Bebe that Neil was sounding happy. Shweta says that Neil must have found a girl. Prakash remembers olden days seeing Shweta and Bebe’s argument. Saisha refuses to perform in front of so many people. Sunehri tells Saisha that she will teach her dance. Saisha refuses to do it. Avni is worried and thinks she will have to convince Saisha.

Precap: Neil comes to Sukoon house with Mowgli. Avni feels Neil’s presence near her house.

Pic Credit: AvNeil FP


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