Ishqbaaz 26th February 2018 Episode Written Update; OBros Realize Soumya’s Reality!

Anika asks Veer where is he going. He says there is puja in temple, you too come there. Anika says they fainted, what do I do now. Shivaye opens eyes and says just follow Veer to temple. ShivOmru get up. Anika smiles. Shivaye holds Anika and asks is my wife confused. Rudra asks how did you like our acting. Shivaye says acting, not overacting, we pretended to drink that juice, maybe he doesn’t want us to go temple, Anika has to go and find out his motive. Anika says if family asks me about you…. what will I say. Shivaye says tell them we had drunk bhaang. She says fine, I will leave with Gauri and Bhavya. She goes and sees Gauri and Bhavya unconscious. She says Bhavya had to do puja, what will happen now. Pinky calls Anika and asks why did you not reach. Anika says what shall I say, everyone had

bhaang by mistake and passed out, I didn’t have it. Pinky says come here quickly, then we will think what to do.

Pandit says puja mahurat will pass. Jhanvi asks what shall we do now. Shakti says mum strictly said this puja is imp, it will happen today. Anika comes and asks can’t puja happen without Bhavya. Pinky asks can’t Jhanvi or I sit in puja. Pandit says no, just unmarried girl can sit. Veer asks is it necessary that the girl is a family member. Anika thinks why is he taking interest in puja. Soumya asks Pandit is there any other way. Jhanvi asks Soumya will she sit in puja. Pinky says just you are unmarried here. Anika says yes, sit. Soumya says fine, but if Rudra and Bhavya have any problem. Jhanvi says I will explain them, please. Soumya does the puja.

Anika goes to Veer. Anika asks why are you smiling so much, why are you showing interest in Rudra’s puja, did you do all that to stop this puja. Veer says my plan was not to stop puja, my plan was to make Soumya attend the puja instead of Bhavya, Anika asks what’s your benefit from this. He says its my benefit, as of now, Soumya is happy about it, there is nothing to hide from you, even Soumya is helping us to destroy Oberois, she is also in our team. Anika gets shocked and sees Soumya. He says come with me and Soumya tomorrow, I will introduce you to all the enemies of Oberoi family. Soumya smiles and winks to Anika. Anika cries.

Shivaye waits for Anika. Gauri says call her again. Anika comes. Shivaye asks where were you, why didn’t you answer. Anika shuts the door. Shivaye asks why are you crying, did Veer do something, I will not leave him. She stops him. She tells him everything. They get shocked. Anika hugs Shivaye and cries. Om says Soumya…. I have regarded her as sister, she had tied Rakhi to my wrist, she is against us. Shivaye says how can our Soumya do this, she is Dadi’s friend’s granddaughter, how is she connected to Veer. Gauri says maybe its her lie. Shivaye says what will Rudra go through, he regards her best friend. Om says he shouldn’t know this. Shivaye says its his marriage, he shouldn’t know this. Anika says Veer is going to introduce me to those people who are with him, maybe that Oberoi will also be with him tomorrow. Shivaye says we will see that, but Rudra shouldn’t know this. Rudra and Bhavya walk in. Rudra says I got to know everything, how can Soumya do this. Shivaye and Om hug Rudra. They all cry and think of Soumya. Ajnabee… Noore khuda…..plays…..

Rudra says I always considered my best friend and she did this. Shivaye says I will never tolerate anyone hurting my family. Anika asks what enmity Soumya has with us, we gave her love, respect and warmth. Gauri says some people are unlucky, they don’t handle everything. Bhavya says we got to know her truth on time. Shivaye says its clear we have many enemies, until we are together, no one can destroy us, we will show them we fulfill enmity, its with severity. Shakti, Pinky, Jhanvi and Gauri check the arrangements. Shivaye smiles. Om says everyone looks happy. Shivaye says we won’t let anyone snatch this happiness. Anika signs him. Men play dhol. Pinky says who called them. Om says Shivaye. Pinky says why at this time, Ratjagga is at night. Shivaye says Dadi told me. Shakti says if mum was here, it would have been great. Pinky says Sheela Maasi had to get sick at this time, its good mum went US, she will do shopping and come.

Shivaye says Dadi asked everyone to enjoy well, no one should be sad. They all dance on dhol. Lafzon ka yeh….plays….. Veer comes there. Shivaye looks at him. Soumya comes and joins Veer. Veer says remember, at 12 today. Soumya says yes, is this fake Anika coming with us. He says yes, its imp to introduce her to everyone. She says okay. Shivaye signs Anika. Anika signs Rudra. Rudra gets angry seeing Soumya. Rudra and Anika take Soumya for dance. Shivaye gets Veer for dance. Shivaye signs Bhavya. Bhavya leaves. She goes to Veer’s room and changes some pills. She smiles and says its Ratjagga today, Veer doesn’t need to stay awake. She comes back and signs Shivaye and Rudra. They all dance. Veer signs Soumya and goes. Soumya leaves after him. Shivaye and everyone look on.

Shakti says Tej should have come here, its imp family function. Shivaye says he is here. Tej walks in. Veer says the more I try to break this family, the stronger their bond becomes, so what if they are Oberois, I m Veer, I won’t be satisfied until I ruin them. Shivaye says the party is over, you all can leave. He tells Shakti that police will be here to arrest him. Veer smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: Shivika Obsessed


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