Naamkaran 26th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni gives Saisha a gift. Saisha sees that it is a radio. Avni tells her that there is another gift for her. Avni says that KK will be there in the cultural fest. Avni asks Saisha whether she will participate now. Saisha says she will sing in front of KK. Saisha thanks Avni for spending so much money for the radio. Saisha also promises Avni that she will win the competition. Saisha calls Avni angel and Avni gets emotional. Sunehri tells Avni that Mishti is Saisha now and she will always remain Saisha. Avni hears glass breaking and gets nervous. Neil thinks that if he drowns, will Avni come to him? Avni reaches for the audition with kids but the lady says that the time for audition is over. Everyone starts doing drama saying that they are orphans and want another chance. The judges get convinced to take their audition.

Avni gets tensed knowing that Saisha has not prepared anything for the audition. Saisha assures her that she will sing well. Sunehri asks Avni why she is doing all this as she already has a lot of money. Avni says that she cannot withdraw money from Neela’s account as everyone will know she is alive. Neil tells Avni that he is coming to him. Avni feels Neil is calling her. Mowgli goes missing and the kids go to look for him. Neil is about to jump in the water but suddenly sees Mowgli standing near him. Mowgli tells Neil that he is lost and he wants him to take him back to Jaan did. Saisha starts singing (Naamkaran lullaby). Everyone claps for Saisha.  Judge tells Avni that her team can participate. Avni congratulates Saisha. Avni tells Saisha that they have to search for Mowgli. Neil asks people for Mowgli’s address. Neil asks Mowgli why he does not know his address. Avni looks everywhere for Mowgli. Neil reaches Sukoon house and says he is feeling peaceful here. Neil enters the house and feels emotional. Mowgli shows Neil everything in the house. The kids look through the window and wonder who is Neil? Samrat tells Avni that some man is with Mowgli in the house. Samrat tells Avni that he looks like a kidnapper. Avni tells Samrat to handle the situation. Avni thinks to reach home soon. Mowgli tells Neil that Jaan Didi was very happy when he gave the food. Mowgli shows Neil his bedroom. Neil and Mowgli start to joke around and Neil chases Mowgli. The kids think that Neil is attacking Mowgli. Samrat attacks Neil with a saucepan. Neil faints and falls to the ground. Avni is very worried for Mowgli as she goes towards home in the car. Neil wakes up and sees himself tied up to a chair. Mowgli tries to tell Samrat that Neil is not a kidnapper. Neil gets a call but is unable to receive the call. Avni reaches home. Neil manages to open himself up and receives the call. It is KK on the call and he asks Neil to come back soon. Avni comes to the house and Samrat tells her that kidnapper is locked inside room. Neil is unable to leave the room as it is locked from outside.

Precap:  Avni approaches the room with a broom while Neil wonders how he will leave the room.


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