Ishqbaaz 27th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Soumya comes to call Veer. She finds him asleep. She thinks she has slept, what shall I do now. She sees the medicines. Shivaye says you have to come, function can’t happen without you. Om asks who are you talking to. Shivaye asks him to see pasta. Soumya comes and asks where is Anika. Shivaye says right behind you. Soumya takes Anika along to Veer. She says he had sleeping pills instead painkillers, don’t know what type of doctor he is, stupid, irresponsible. Anika says Veer won’t get up, we both will go. Soumya asks her to keep her advice to herself. Anika says your bitter words have hurt my heart, why are you angry. Soumya says all are fools around me, Rudra is biggest fool. Anika says I will slap you, don’t call him dumb, he regards you friend, he is not foolish, its his goodness. Soumya

says you just shut up. Anika asks why did you call me here, listen, I won’t help you. Anika goes to Shivaye. He asks what did Soumya say.

Anika says I told her. He says it means plan failed. She says no, it will happen what I thought. He says I don’t trust your overacting. She flirts. He says don’t start again. They argue. Anika says I will give tuition, watch this, walk like this. Bareilly wale thumke pe….plays… Gauri and Bhavya walk like her. Soumya comes and says you all look happy, what’s the matter. Rudra asks why, didn’t you like it, we didn’t involve you. Shivaye asks Soumya to join them. She says thanks, but I have to go university to collect certificates. Shivaye stops Anika and her false braid comes in his hand. Pinky comes. They all cover up Anika. They dance. Pinky asks what happened to your braid, come I will fix it. Shivaye says no, don’t touch. Gauri says Anika has oiled her hair. They go.

Khanna follows Soumya. He calls Shivaye and gives the address. Shivaye, Om and Anika get ready. Shivaye in disguise delivers the pizza. He signs Om and Anika. They enter the house. Soumya pays the bill. Shivaye says I will keep change as tip. He enters the house via window. He says today we will know who all are behind this conspiracy. Soumya opens the door and says finally, I was waiting for you guys. Shwetlana and Tia enter the house. Shwetlana says sorry, we don’t like to make our younger sister wait. They hug. Shivaye, Anika and Om get shocked.

Shwetlana asks where is Veer. Soumya says he had sleeping pills instead painkillers. Shwetlana says forget him, we sisters are enough for this mission. Soumya says stupid Oberois don’t know their enemy is in their house. Tia says think again, this is related to your life, don’t ruin life for this revenge. Shwetlana asks why do you forget, we lost our dad because of these Oberois, they have snatched our childhood and everything. Tia says I didn’t forget, we have lost a lot while snatching things from them, you have tolerated Tej since years. Shwetlana says I don’t regret, today I m the owner of 50 % shares of Oberois empire. Anika hits some vase by mistake. Shwetlana says it seems there is someone. They go to check. Tia sees Shivaye’s reflection. Shwetlana and Soumya don’t see them. Tia hits the vase and says this was fallen. Soumya asks how did this fall. Tia says I guess this fell down by wind. Soumya gets a call and says Veer finally got up, he is calling, lets go. They go. Shivaye, Anika and Om leave.

Rudra asks do you mean Tia is your ex-fiancee, Shwetlana is your ex-fiancee, Soumya is my…. Shivaye says your ex wife, main plot is our exes are sisters. Gauri asks what. Anika says yes, they want revenge from us. ShivOm say they want revenge for their dad’s death. Bhavya says no, our elders can’t take someone’s life. Shivaye says I feel Tia is helping us, I think she had sent the tape to prove Tej’s innocence. Om asks how will we find truth. Shivaye says I think its related to Kalyani mills. Gauri asks how is it related. Shivaye says there is something. Om says that chapter is over, our family is not related to it. Shivaye says there can be anything we don’t know and maybe Kapoor sisters know it, we have to know Veer’s connection with them. Gauri asks how will we find out. Anika says Shivaye will find everything. Shivaye says yes I will, but as of now, I want to enjoy Rudra’s wedding functions. He asks Rudra is he ready.

ShivOm get Rudra. Anika and Gauri get Bhavya. They smile. Lights come. Rudra signs about camera. They all smile. Rudra says there is no photographer in my function, I will do this work. He takes a selfie with them. Jhanvi says family photo can’t complete without Tej, he isn’t here. Pinky says Tej is upset, is this good. Shakti says I wish Tej was with us here today. Shivaye says he is here dad. He shows Tej coming. They all smile. Shivaye gets Omru, saying children’s happiness is incomplete without elders’ blessing, please for my sake. He holds their hands and takes them to Tej. Tej hugs Omru. Shivaye says thanks for keeping my word. Om says you were asking him to come. Tej says I was waiting for someone to invite me for my son’s marriage, I know I did many mistakes, but I wasn’t involved in Oberoi mansion auction, I don’t know how my signs came on those papers, I swear. Shivaye says we believe you. Shakti says what can be better than your coming back, welcome back. Shivaye says we will celebrating in Oberois’ style.

Shivaye says there is arrest warrant issued on your name. Veer smiles. Shivaye tells inspector that he applied for bail already. Inspector says arrest warrant is on your mum’s name. Shivaye asks what…. they all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: OU


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