Naamkaran 27th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni is scared to go inside the room in which the kidnapper is kept. Saisha encourages them to go. Avni and the rest slowly walk to the room with brooms in hand. When everyone enters the room, Neil has already escaped. Next day, KK is nervous and tells Neil that his bodyguards are not there so he has to accompany him. Neil refuses saying that it is his day off. KK pleads him and finally Neil agrees. Avni is scared and Sunehri tells her not to suppress her anger as her angry is coming out as fear. Sunehri asks Avni to become fearless again. Avni says that her anger and strength has gone away with Avni. Avni says that she has lost her loved ones too. Avni says she is Nilanjana now and her place is in sukoon house. Avni says that she wants the kids to be happy. Sunehri says that the world has lost a fighter like her. Avni says she is lucky to find these kids. Avni says that the kids are called illegitimate like her but the kids will make their own identity. Sunehri calls Avni brave. Samrat comes there and apologizes for attacking the kidnapper. Avni asks him to call police next time.

Neil saves Avni’s orphanage kids

KK attends the press conference. Saisha sees the interview on TV. KK talks about his next film saying he is going to perform all stunts by himself in next film. Avni asks Saisha to put the TV off. Avni and Saisha have an argument and Saisha gets upset. Later, KK practices his script. Neil taunts KK. KK asks Neil to say the romantic lines himself. Neil reads the lines confidently. Neil remembers Avni. Neil thinks of Avni and says I Love You. KK teases Neil and asks him whom he was thinking about. Avni and Sunehri see the kids practicing and are happy thinking that they will win competition. Avni sees Saisha upset and tries to pacify her. Finally. Saisha and Avni make up. Sunehri is confident that the competition will be best for them. Neil says to himself that he will meet Avni again tomorrow. The competition begins and Avni reaches the place with the kids. Organizer comes to know that KK is not coming as he has a shooting. Saisha gets very upset. Avni is angry. KK is at the shoot with Neil. Organizer comes to meet KK. Organizer tells Neil that KK was supposed to come to welfare programme as the judge. Organizer requests Neil to convince KK to come for the event. Avni asks Saisha not to be nervous. Goons think that they cannot let Avni’s team win as they will not vacate the house. Neil tells KK to go for the event and KK says that he cannot attend small events as his film is important. Neil says that he will go and KK will have to do the stunts by himself. KK agrees to go for the event. Avni’s team rehearses for the dance on stage. Goon tampers with the stage. Neil enters the event. Neil sees that the stage fan is about to fall and he rushes to save Mowgli and the other kids. As Neil leaps forward, Avni misses seeing him.

Precap: Sunehri asks Avni not to be tensed about the fan falling. Avni says that all this was planned against them. A woman is seen trashing the goons.


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