Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2018 Episode Written Update; Naira Surprises Kartik

The Episode starts with Adaa saying some questions will be asked in this round, which will show how much the partners know each other. Kartik and Naira go to the room. They see the decorations. Adaa asks them to report backstage, round will start soon, they have to answer questions about each other, give best and go in next round. The pic gets down. Kartik fixes the pic by glue. Naira helps him. They recall old moment. A man calls them out. Devyaani says this round is easy for Kartik and Naira. Rajshri says yes, they know each other well.

Adaa says its rapid fire round, heart will give answers, you should give answers together. Kartik thinks we know each other well. Naira thinks why am I scared. Adaa asks what thing prepared by Naira does Kartik dislike. Kartik says bread pakore.

Naira says there is nothing such. She thinks I thought you like everything made by me. He thinks I thought you will understand why I didn’t ask you to make break pakore till now. Adaa asks which talent of Naira impressed Kartik first. Kartik says tour guide. Naira says dancing. Kartik thinks I didn’t know you are a good dancer. Naira thinks I didn’t know you thought so from our first meet, what’s happening.

Dadi says they know each other so well, they are making mistakes here. Adaa asks what thing Naira dislikes the most. Kartik says liars. Naira says wrong doers. Naira thinks maybe we are answering from mind, not heart. Kartik thinks maybe, we know each other. She thinks very well. They talk via eyes. Adaa says next question, what chapter of your life you want to completely forget. Kartik and Naira say when Kartik was blamed for Akshara’s death. Adaa says your biggest weakness and strength. Kartik and Naira say our families. Everyone claps. Adaa says the first round for them ends, let us move on to our next contestants. Aryan says I have to complain about AC. He takes his coat and says I would have forgotten my envelop here. Kartik and Naira go in second round.

Adaa says life is strange, sometimes we get answers for big things and sometimes we don’t get answers for small things, there is just a beautiful journey in relations, not destinations, we shouldn’t take any relation for granted, its very imp to look into all problems, all the best for the next round. Dadi gets relieved. Naksh checks arrangements. Kirti gets energy drinks for him. Aryan comes and asks isn’t the AC working well. Naksh says so sorry, I will just check. The envelop falls there. Adaa says paper will be getting smaller, the twist is husbands won’t be allowed to lift wives. Jiji says trust them, they can do this. Kartik and Naira dance and fold the paper. Aryan looks for the envelop and thanks Kirti for it. He sees its some other envelop. He goes. Naira steps on Kartik’s feet and dances.

Adaa says just ten seconds more. Kartik stumbles. Naira lifts him high. Everyone claps. Kartik holds Naira and smiles. Adaa says amazing, they didn’t break any rules, they used their mind and heart, game rule was guy can’t lift the girl, but girl could lift the guy, congrats guys. Devyaani says if both of them love each other, they both should keep it. Rajshri says yes, responsibilities and love should be equal. Suwarna wishes Dadi understands this. Aryan gets the envelop and hides.

Naksh picks spoon and goes. Kartik comes to Naira and asks are you fine, you carried me all of a sudden, what if you got hurt. She says I m fine, you didn’t feel bad right, I m sorry, I didn’t want to let you down, I did what I felt was right, I was just scared that we may lose, we are responsible for other person too, I would never want you to lose because of me. He says same here. Yahan wahan…..plays…. He walks to her. They hear the announcement. Adaa says this round is to balance ego and love, the husbands will have to paint the wife’s toe nails. Naira recalls Dadi’s words. Kartik recalls Naira’s words.

Dadi says this round was not needed. Jiji asks why, husband should do this. Adaa asks all contestants to come on stage. She asks who’s missing, the winners of last round, Kartik and Naira…. come on stage, else you will be disqualified. Naira says the round should have been something else. Dadi thinks what shall I pray, if Kartik does this, people will make fun of us. Suwarna thinks my children should win today. Naira finds her ring and says I have learnt my lesson, ring was here and I didn’t realize it, I will end all our problems, I won’t lose this relation. She is called on stage. She asks Kartik to come on stage. She goes on stage. Aryan gets the papers. Adaa asks where is Kartik, call him please.naira worries.

Rajshri says you have created this distance yourself. Suwarna asks her to make bond stronger in wedding anniversary. Kartik gets shocked reading the divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Amena


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