Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 27th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Arman says bomb will be in this garland. Once it enters everything will bloom. Arman says to Shaurya need your autograph. We will use your signatures to enter and police will verify to know its you who did all this. Shaurya throws the pen away and says I won’t sign. I can’t help you in your evil plans. Arman says so I will throw neev in river. Or set him on fire or shoot him. Shaurya says no please don’t do that I will sign. He tells his man how will they enter. Shaurya signs the paper. Shaurya writes something on a paper and throws it towards mahek.

Scene 2
Jeevan asks Kanta and Ravi why you two are worried? Kanta says nothing. Ravi says I am going out for walk. Jeevan wonders what is going on. Jeevan asks Mansi does Ravi go on walk in evening? She says no.

Jeevan says they are hiding something.
Nehal says to Karuna Mahek di is in hospital I dont’ feel good. Dolly says we are all praying for her. Arman comes in. Karuna says where were you? We were waiting for you. he says I had work. Then I went to hospital. Had to go to venue. Got tired. Karnuna says focus on your health. He goes to room. Harsh says where is SHaurya? I went to hospital to see Mahek but no one let me in. She said Shaurya nerve came there. Vicky said he didnt’ come to white chilies either. Dolly says he said he went to hospital. Why did he lie? Nehal says he is fighting a lot. Don’t ask him questions.
Karuna says something suspicious.

Nehal says on call di it looks fishy to me. Are you sure Nalini gave you right address? I will come there don’t worry. Arman is behind her. He says whom are you talking to? She says di is conscious. She said Nalini told her Neev’s location. I don’t know why is she saying that. Arman says in heart what did shaurya tell mahek? Arman says come with me.

Nehal and Arman are leaving. Karun and dolly see them and follow them.
Nehal and Arman come to hospital. Nehal says where is Mahek? SHe called us from here. She calls Mahek. Mahek says I am going to Neev. Nehal says she said Neev isn’t in Singapore. She is going to Neev. Nehal tells mahek its done. Arman has left. He is coming there.
Mahek, Ravi and Kanta are in the car. Mahek says follow him. He must be going where Neev is. We can’t lose this chance. Karuna stops Arman and says where are you going? Is Mahek okay? He says I can’t tell you. He leaves. Karuna says there is something these kids are hiding from. There is some trouble. Ravi and Mahek are following Arman. He takes off his mask. He calls his mand says is Neev there? He says yes just gave him injection. Arman says be careful. I am coming.

Ravi, Kanta and Mahek are outside the place where Arman is. They turn off the main switch. Mahek says will this plan work? Kanta says yes. They wear masks of face and go in. Its all dark inside. Arman says whats happening here? Who did this. Lets take him from here. The door is locked from outside. Arman opens the back door and coughs. He says its smoke. They cough badly. Shaurya says where is neev? Mahek comes in. She sees Neev. Her face is covered. Arman says stop there. Who are you? He coughs. Arman shoves her and says stop who are you? Today is last day of your life. Kanta and Ravi are looking for neev. Kanta says we have to help Mahek. She hits Arman’s head with something. Arman says mahek i know its you. Go back or I will shoot you all. He points gun at them.

Precap-Mahek says I have to get Shaurya out. She comes to him and releases him while everyone else is busy. Arman says Nahida how dare you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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