Naamkaran 28th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil leaps forward to save the kids from the falling fan. Neil sees Avni but he thinks that he is imagining her. Neil thinks he sees Avni only when he puts his life in danger. KK comes there and scolds Neil for doing stunts. Neil tells KK that he is ok and asks him to leave him alone. Neil goes on stage and looks for Avni and imagines her. Neil thinks that Avni should come to him wherever he calls her. Mowgli picks the flower that Avni had dropped. Neil sees Mowgli and asks him why he is following him. Mowgli says thank you to Neil for saving them and gives him the flower. Avni asks all the kids whether they are alright. Samrat says that they got saved because of that man. Mowgli says he is a friend. All the kids see the scar on Avni’s hand and they start treating her.

Sunehri asks Avni not to worry so much as it was just an accident. Avni says that all this was planned. Avni says that this has been done by the goons who had destroyed their house few days back. Avni says that they will move to Alibaug with the prize money so that they can be away from the trouble. Sunehri asks Avni what if goons land up there too. Sunehri says that they cannot keep running. KK panics about the accident and says that Neil cannot be harmed. Neil asks KK not to panic. Neil gets a call from DD and he says that he is coming to meet him next day. Neil says they will give her a surprise. Saisha is upset and Avni pacifies her. Saisha says that they cannot leave sukoon hosue. Avni says that she has taken this decision for everyone’s safety. Saisha says that she will sing in the competition only if she promises that they will not leave sukoon house. Saisha says that sukkoon house is very important for her. Saisha refuses to sing. Next day, function begins and Saisha is missing. Avni meets Sunehri and says that she met a lawyer who will fight their case. Sunehri says that Saisha is not there and she may not participate. Avni is confident that Saisha will come. KK and Neil judge the competition. Avni does video call with Saisha and asks her to come for the competition. Saisha refuses to come for the performance. Saisha blames Avni for using them for prize money. Saisha calls Avni a lair. Saisha tells Avni rude things and also tells her I hate you. Saisha has been kidnapped by goons and the goons are making her say all this. Saisha has been kidnapped along with Tara and Sitara. Saisha asks Avni to go and sing.

Precap: Avni sings on stage but only her shadow is seen. Neil looks at Avni’s shadow and gets emotional.


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