Naamkaran 1st March 2018 Episode Written Update

Saisha tries to call the police and the goon snatches the phone. Saisha scolds the goon and asks them why they want sukoon ghar. Saisha’s team is called on stage to perform. Avni thinks she has to take Saisha’s place and sing. Avni thinks she wants strength from Neil. Neil is about to leave but he stops hearing Avni’s voice singing. Neil sees Avni’s shadow and gets emotional. KK and the rest give standing ovation to Avni. Avni goes away. Neil thinks he has heard that voice earlier too. Avni cries inside a room and Neil stands outside the room and hears her crying. Neil stands outside the room and gets emotional but think not to enter the room.

Avni cries remembering Saisha’s rude words. Neil puts a note through the door for Avni. Avni reads the note where Neil asks her to stay strong. Avni sees the pamphlet and tells Samrat that they have broken the rule as Saisha gave the audition but she sang in her place. Samrat tells her that no one saw her as she performed from behind the curtain. The winner is about to get announced and KK has to call out the winner. KK announces sukoon ghar as winning team. All kids go to take they prize but at the last minute, they don’t take the prize. Samrat says that they cannot take this prize. Samrat says that they have broken a rule as Saisha performed in the auditions but today Jaan Didi performed in her place. Neil realizes that Jaan Didi was singing. Neil thinks he has heard Jaan Didi’s name so many times. KK congratulates their honesty. KK gives the prize to runner up team. Neil’s wallet falls and he picks it up and searches for the thank you note. Goon informs Saisha that their team won as Jaan Didi sang but they dint get the prize as they went against the rules. A woman approaches the house. Saisha thinks why did Avni not take the prize money and save sukoon house. Saisha breaks open the rope tying her. The woman enters the house and starts beating up the goons. The woman is police officer Mitali. Mitali arrest the goons. Mitali tells Saisha that she heard they were in trouble on phone call. Mitali congratulates Saisha for her bravery. Saisha wonders why Jaan Didi is not like the police officer. Later Avni returns home and Avni and Saisha patch up. Saisha asks Avni why did she give up as they needed the money. Avni says that they will not win by wrong means. Saisha says that the police woman was so brave. Sunehri says that she also knew a brave woman earlier.

Precap:  Avni sees the note from Neil and thinks that only Neil could comfort her. Neil gets the thank you note from a shopkeeper and he says that a woman gave it.


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