Kasam Tere Pyar 2nd March 2018 Episode Written Update

AK tells Tanuja that her feelings are evident on her face. Soon the winds blow heavily, Tanuja looks towards the full moon outside. There, Rishi was also staring at the moon. She thinks about Rishi’s words that he always looked towards moon with an expectation that she would also be looking at it. Rishi goes to set a chat message to Tanuja that he wants to speak to her. Tanuja reads it and wonders what if its important. She finally replies with “What”. He says “What was between them has increased, she may ask what”. Tanuja replies “Not now”. Rishi sends her a song. Tanuja thinks about all her memories with Rishi and shuts the window.
The next morning, Natasha shows her car to the teacher. Tanya says no one is coming to pick her up. The teacher goes to drop Tanya. Natasha insists that she

wants to go to Tanya and lies that she told her parents already. In the car, the girls laugh as she made a fool of the teacher.
AK and Tanuja come to pick Natasha up. The teacher says Natasha has left with Tanya, she said she informed him. AK agrees to teacher, and in the car tells Tanuja that their daughter got really sensible.
At Bedi house, Naitra’s mother was curt over Natasha for creating a family painting with Rishi and Tanuja as parents. She and Rano come downstairs to scold the girls. Rano tears the painting and holds Natasha’s hand to push her out of the house. Tanuja comes in then and says she clarified to Rano she won’t bear Natasha is hurt. Rishi and Manpreet also come there. Tanuja tells Natasha that she told her to be strong, she must respect elders as well. Rano tells Rishi that children were being mischievous and she scolded her. Tanuja says elders can only scold children when they love them. She tells Rishi that his mother was pushing Natasha out of the house. She tells Natasha the truth that Mr. Handsome is her Papa. Natasha remembers that Tanuja allowed her to call Rishi as Papa. Tanuja says that she will now call Rishi for sure, as he is her father. Natasha says there is only a single father. Tanuja says Natasha is really lucky like Krishna, she has two fathers. Natasha was cheerful, she comes to Abhishek to hug him then goes to Rishi and says she will now call him Papa. Rishi was emotional at this. Natasha speaks to Rano that Mr. Handsome is her father. Rano turns to go inside, Rishi stops her but Tanuja forbids him say anything. He thanks Tanuja for explaining it to Natasha. Abhishek thinks it’s good that Natasha got to know about the matter, but he wonders how to keep Natasha with him. He smiles towards Tanuja as they leave. The family hug Rishi in his weak moment.
Abhishek sat outside with … who says that Tanuja has handled everything so well. Its hard for children like her to understand two fathers. Natasha must be happy as she loves Rishi dearly.
At Bedi House, Rishi challenges Rano that he will bring Tanuja and Natasha into the house no matter what she does. Naitra’s mother tells Rano its important this divorce takes place.

PRECAP: The court rejects the divorce case of Rishi and Tanuja to give a chance and right to Natasha to live with both parents.

Update Credit to: Sona


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