Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 5th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Vyom is surprised to see Sharanya’s mom. She shares that Sharanya called and that there is some surprise. He takes her inside. Lights go off. Sharanya welcomes everyone. Tonight, all the present and past secrets will be unveiled. Vyom looks at her. Sharanya says you all know that it is mine and Vyom’s first Valentine. We thought to celebrate it. Vyom has done a lot for me. I thought to surprise him too. How can it be that my loved ones aren’t with me on this big day? They have to be a part of us. This is the story of love, hatred, lie, deceit and of friendship! Lights go off. 2 dancers perform in the background as Sharanya sings Ek Haseens Thi. The dancers enact Sharanya, Shiv and Vyom’s story in the foreground now. Vyom smile disappears. Shiv’s death scene is enacted as well. Vyom’s stands

there stunned. Light comes back. Freddy starts shouting murderer. Odhni holds his hand as he passes out. Vyom is puzzled to see Odhni there. Sharanya says all the actors of this story are present here.

Sharanya’s mother asks her what all this is. Sharanya replies that this is the story of her love; of a friend cheating; a story of death! Vyom says what this drama is. This isn’t our story. She denies. This is the truth which you hid from me till date. You love me a lot right? Give me a gift today on Valentine’s Day. Say the truth. I will make it easier for you. Did I love you back in college? Yes or not? Vyom answers in negative shocking Sharanya’s mother. Sharanya asks him the next question. All the sorties that you said to me after I gained conscious were lie. He nods. She asks him if he has killed Shiv. Madhvi gets tensed. Vyom looks at Sharanya’s mother and his family. Sharanya demands to know the answer. You have killed Shiv, right? Yes or no? He answers in affirmative. I killed Shiv! Everyone is shocked. Madhvi is in tears.

Sharanya asks someone to come inside. Police enters. Sharanya tells Inspector that he must have heard Vyom confessing his crime. Arrest him. Vyom asks Sharanya if she called police for him. Sharanya nods. I called police to arrest the one who snatched my love from me and killed so many innocent people in the process! You have anyways confessed but I still have some evidence to show everyone. She plays Vyom’s video conversation with Rajan before Shiv was killed. She walks back to Inspector. You would have understood that he wanted to kill someone. Shiv looks at her proudly. You proved yourself finally. Sharanya shows another video of the burqa clad person keeping that blo*dy knife in a locker in Kapali Hills. This is not a woman but a man in the video. He is wearing a woman’s dress. Vyom first killed Shiv and then hid the knife in the cloak room locker thinking no one would find out anything. He thought it was foolproof but his crime was being captured in the camera. She shows them a photo in which Vyom is dressed in the same clothes as worn by the person in the video. It makes it clear that Vyom is the killer! Vyom sits on the sofa stunned.

Sharanya walks up to Vyom. What happened? Are you in shock that your master plan failed? You thought I will forget everything? Unluckily for you I remembered everything. I remembered how you killed Shiv and pushed him in the pit! I found my Shiv though. He is still buried in the ice of Kapali Hills but he isn’t like he was earlier. He is dead! My Shiv has turned into ice. He is a dead body. She agrees to take Inspector there to find some more proofs against Vyom. I wrote a letter to Papa before my accident. It was my love confession about Shiv and Papa got it before my wedding with Vyom and he killed my Dad! Sharanya’s mother is in shock. Sharanya tells her that Vyom killed him. You loved him so much. Vyom kept you and Papa in dark for 2 years. You thought him to be your son while Aditya considered him as his brother. He claimed that he could do anything for me. He did this! He killed my Papa! Sharanya’s mother asks Vyom why he did this. Why did you cheat us? I loved you more than Aditya! What did my husband do? She breaks down. Sharanya tells her to leave him. He isn’t a human being but an animal. He can do anything for his happiness. He can kill anyone. He even killed his Chacha! You killed Vidyut Chacha right? Vyom remembers how he killed Vidyut. Sharanya says it wasn’t because he was trying to rape me but because he was about to show the letter which was found by Papa. Vyom shouts that it is true.

Precap: Vyom accepts his crimes. I killed Shiv, Ram Uncle and Vidyut Chacha. I did it all so I could get Sharanya’s love.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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