Ishqbaaz 5th March 2018 Episode Written Update; Anika Jealous

Tia says I have to meet Shivaye and tell him everything today. Anika dances on Laila Main Laila with Shivaye. Veer fixes the open wire points at the door. He says Shivaye will get a shock on touching the door handle, it will be easy to swap the bride. Tia comes there. Veer says before anyone else goes to room, I will call Shivaye and call him out. He calls Shivaye. Shivaye doesn’t see the incoming call and dances with Anika. Tia sees Tej and hides. Tej goes. Tia rushes and screams…. Shivaye….. Shivaye and Anika hear her and go out. They get shocked seeing Tia fallen. Everyone comes and wonder how did Tia faint. Soumya sees Veer. Shivaye says we heard her scream and came out. Rudra says why is her hand twisted like this. Shivaye says maybe her hand got stiff because of the shock. Anika says

how could she get shock like this. Shivaye says we will take her to our room. Soumya says you can take her to my room. Rudra says its okay, you don’t worry. Om says Shivaye’s room is here, so its easier. Veer says I will do her checkup if you want, after all I m also a doctor. Om says no, Tia has a personal doctor, better we call him. Shivaye lifts Tia and takes her to his room.

Anika says why did Tia come here. Rudra says like a thief, security didn’t inform us. Shivaye says she didn’t wish anyone to know it, maybe she wanted to talk to me. Veer says I m sure Tia came to meet Shivaye, she wants to save Shivaye and Anika from us, don’t worry she can’t do anything. Doctor says Tia fainted because of electric shock. Veer says she will need four hours to get conscious. Shivaye says we have to be around Tia, I m sure Veer and Soumya will stop her from talking to us, just Tia can help us in solving the mills mystery. Veer says we have to stop Tia from telling anything. Anika says I will stay back. Shivaye says what will you do, I will handle. Anika says I don’t want to leave you alone, you have much work, if you stay with Tia then.. I mean it will be problem. They smile. She says Tia is feeling cold. Rudra says don’t get insecure, chill. Anika says I m not worrying. Shivaye says you are worrying. Anika says you don’t know caring, see poor Tia… They laugh. She says its not jealousy.

Rudra calls her funny. Shivaye jokes. Anika says Tia is here to help, I don’t think her intentions are good, I will keep a watch on Tia. They laugh. She goes. Shivaye says Tia’s safety is our priority. Pinky and Jhanvi talk about guests. Roop asks is Tia our far relative. Pinky says Tia is Shivaye’s ex-fiancee. Roop says I felt I know her, is she Tia Kapoor. Pinky says yes. Roop says this name is connected to Kalyani mills.

Old ladies come home. A lady calls out Kalyani. Anika says I m not jealous of Tia. The lady says tell Kalyani, her best friends have come to meet her. Anika says Dadi has gone to America. The lady says we didn’t know it. They hear wrong and cry. Anika says its misunderstanding. The lady says call Pinky. Anika says I will call her. The lady Pooja asks for water. Another lady Shraddha goes to get water. Roop asks is Tia daughter of our partner Mr. Kapoor. Anika comes there and sees Pinky. Pinky says don’t scare us, Tia can’t be daughter of that Kapoor, her dad stays in US and mills’ Kapoor… Roop says he burnt in the fire, did you meet Tia’s dad. Pinky says no. Roop says strange… I feel Tia Kapoor is daughter of same Kapoor, she knows a lot about the mills secret, maybe she came to tell this to Shivaye. Anika enters the room. She asks what happened. Jhanvi says nothing. Pinky says we were making guest list.

Anika says Pooja and Shraddha have come to meet Dadi, she is calling you. Pinky says I will come and goes. Jhanvi asks how did you know that Tia has come to tell something to Shivaye. Roop says I felt so, else why would she come, you have to stop Tia, I m an outsider, I can’t talk in family matters. Jhanvi says you are right, I have to do something. Roop smiles and thinks Jhanvi will do my work. Shivaye says I know Tia you want to tell me something, wake up and tell me what you know.

He calls Om and says I decided I will do this. Om says fine, then go ahead. Shivaye holds Tia. Shraddha sees Shivaye getting close to Tia. She says he is Shivaye, he has a wife, how can he do this, poor Kalyani, she is proud of her Billu, she always talks of Billu and here her Billu is with another Billu, I will take a pic. She clicks a pic and says I will show this to Anika, she should also know this. Shivaye sees Jhanvi and Roop. He says I m sure Tia has come to talk to me. Roop says Shivaye should have some food, else his health will get bad. Veer looks on. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to take rest. Roop says we are here to take care of Tia. Veer recalls giving a needle to Roop. He says Tia will be unconscious for three days by this needle, you just have to inject this needle. Roop sees Shivaye busy talking to Jhanvi. She drops the injection when Shivaye turns.

Pinky asks Shivaye what’s happening. Shivaye asks what did I do. They all see the pic. Shivaye holds his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: Shivika_Jankuul


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