Naamkaran 5th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni calls up at Neil’s house and Bebe picks the call. Bebe asks who it is but Avni does not talk. Shweta takes the call and says that if it is a girl, then she must be behind Neil. Bebe tells on the phone that Neil only loves Avni and he is not interested in any other girl. Bebe also says that Neil’s voice will now be heard in Radio Raabta. KK practices his lines with Neil. Neil gets irritated with KK. Neil tells KK that he will help him out if he helps him to find the girl who sang the song in the event. Neil asks KK to organize a Holi party and call all the participants and the girl will sing there. Neil tells KK that he will get good publicity in the party. Neil calls DD and asks him to organize party.

Mitali talks to Shweta on phone and Shweta thanks Mitali for supporting Neil since the past 10 years. Shweta happily tells Bebe about Mitali. Bebe tells Shweta that Mitali wants more that friendship from Neil. Shweta says that they should try to bring Mitali and Neil closer. Bebe says that Neil will never accept any other girl after Avni. Bebe says that she is going to Canada tomorrow and now she has to handle Neil. Saisha comes to know about KK’s invitation for the party. Saisha says that her wish is completed. Saisha asks Sunehri whether she has loved anyone and Sunehri thinks of DD. Saisha asks Sunehri who is DD as she was taking his name in sleep. Saisha shows a video of Sunehri taking DD’s names in sleep. Kids tease Sunehri. Daisy says that Jaan Didi will not let them go in party as they will need to buy white clothes for it. Saisha says that they will rent white clothes. Avni comes there and everyone hides the plan from her. Mowgli talks about the party and Avni says that they will not wear anybody else’s clothes. Avni shows everyone white clothes which she bought for them. All children get happy. Avni thinks that she will give all happiness to the kids. Sunehri asks Avni whether she will go for the party and Avni says that she cannot go as there will be media. KK gives interview about the party. Sunehri meets Mitali and thanks her for what she did. Sunehri also gives Mitali a gift. Mitali assures Sunehri that no one will ever trouble her. Sunehri talks about the Holi party so Mitali says that she too is going. Everyone gets ready for the party and Avni says that she will not go as she has to go for lawyer’s nephew’s wedding. Saisha gives clothes to Avni to wear.  Avni wears the dress. The party starts and kids arrive for the party. DD is present in the party and Sunehri gets shocked seeing him. Sunehri falls in DD’s arms but she covers her face with mask. Sunehri sees Neil and gets shocked and thinks of Avni. Saisha goes to meet KK but she sees the lawyer and realizes that Avni is lying about the wedding. Saisha calls Avni and says that Mowgli has fallen ill. Saisha tells the others that Jaan Didi lied to them about the wedding. The kids make a plan to make Avni have fun. Avni enters the party and Neil feels her presence.

Precap: Avni and Neil come face to face and Neil hugs Avni emotionally.


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