Naamkaran 6th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Mowgli pretends to be unconscious. Saisha motivates Mowgli to lie still to follow their plan. Avni comes there and gets troubled seeing Mowgli lying on the ground. Neil feels Avni’s presence again. Avni is tensed seeing Mowgli and a crowd gathers. Avni realizes that Mowgli is acting and tickles him. Later, Neil asks a man why is the crowd gathered and the man says that a child was acting to be unwell. Avni scolds Saisha for their lies. Saisha also scolds Avni for lying to them about the wedding. Avni says that      she is very worried for them. Mitali calls Neil but he is unable to hear her. KK meets the kids and Avni. Saisha gets bedazzled seeing KK. KK asks Avni to sing today at the function. KK escorts Avni and makes her meet his guests. Saisha thinks that she does not want her dream to end. Organizer asks Avni to sing.

Neil gets Mitali’s call and goes away from the room. Guests take KK’s autograph.  KK talks to Saisha and takes selfie with her. DD tells Neil on the phone that he and Mitali are coming there. Avni is brought forward to sing. KK introduces Avni to everyone. KK gives Avni the mike. Avni thinks that there are many media people around and so she covers her face with a mask. Avni starts singing and Neil tries to enter through the crowds. Everyone claps for Avni. Sunehri tries to signal Avni that Neil is there. Neil misses seeing Avni. Neil thinks why is he getting these strange feelings. Everyone dances and Saisha also dances with KK. KK asks Saisha her name and also praises her beauty. Avni drops her mask while walking and Neil picks it up. Avni sees Neil and gets emotionally happy. Neil walks to Avni and they dance. Avni realizes it is her dream. Neil keeps looking out for Jaan Didi. KK meets Neil and teases him. Sassy gives Neil something to eat and Neil finds it very spicy. KK gives Neil 2-3 glasses of bhang to Neil. Avni tells Sunehri that Neil is here is Kashid. Avni says that Neil has not changed at all. Avni thinks that Neil cannot see her and tells Sunehri to leave with kids. Avni walks out and Neil comes behind her and they see each other.

Precap: Neil hugs Avni and tells her never to leave him.  Avni realizes that Neil is drunk and thinks that he is imagining her.

Pic Credit: OU


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