Naamkaran 7th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni and Neil see each other and Neil approaches Avni. Neil and Avni stare at each other emotionally. Avni sees the mangalsutra on Neil’s wrist. Neil passionately hugs Avni. Avni also holds Neil emotionally. Neil tells Avni that he knew she would come back. Avni thinks that she loves Neil very much and will always love him. Neil tells Avni not to go away as his heartbeat stops. Neil kisses Avni all over her face and hugs her again. Neil tells Avni that whenever he sees her he feels that she has come back. Neil tells Avni that he feels her presence although she is not around. Neil says I Love You to Avni. Avni realizes that Neil is thinking that he is imagining her as he is drunk.

Avni asks Neil if he is drunk. Neil tells Avni that whenever he puts his life to risk, she comes before him. Neil says that he puts his life at risk only to see her but today he has not done anything like this. Avni sees drunk KK coming towards them and so she takes away Neil in a corner. Neil looks at Avni romantically and tries to kiss her. Avni remembers why she left Neil and walks away from him. Saisha practices asking KK for a date. KK suddenly comes and Saisha falls in his arms. Saisha asks KK why has he come in ladies washroom. KK is embarrassed and asks Saisha out for coffee. Samrat comes there and KK leaves. Samrat warns Saisha that she cannot go out on date before she is 18. Saisha says that she will turn 18 after 5 days.  Avni asks Neil how come he came for the party. Neil says that he was very lonely in the party. Avni tells Neil that he should go home. Avni makes Neil sit in a rickshaw. Rickshaw driver asks for address and Neil asks Avni to come along with him. Neil continues his drunken banter. Avni takes Neil’s purse to get the address but she finds the Rs 500 note on which she had written thank you message. Avni also sits the in the rickshaw and asks the driver to follow her directions. As they leave, DD and Mitali arrive there. Avni brings Neil to sukoon house.

Precap: Neil and Avni lie beside each other on terrace. Avni tells Neil that she imagines living with him happily forever. Neil wishes that the morning should never come.


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