Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak Kaleerein 7th March 2018 Episode Mahasangam Written Update

Wedding ceremony continues. Terrorist prepare garland bomb. Mehek says she wants to give a surprise to her friend, bride, and dances on Hawa Hawaii song with bride. Shaurya silently slips off. Terrorist shouts Shaurya escaped and they all search him.

In Meera’s house, pre-engagement party continues. Vivan says Meera will not do what he will say. Meera accepts challenge. Whole family eagerly looks at them. Vivan extends friendship. Meera says friendship with him, never. He asks what qualities she expects in a friend. Meera says a good heart and good intention, which he lacks. Vivan says he told she will not do what he will say. Silky and Daadi insist. Meera says Vivan has some vested interests. Sumer asks her to befriend Vivan for his sake, what will Vivan get from it.

Shaurya reaches a garage and asks junior terrorist if work is done. Terrorist says he is wasting time. Shaurya shoots his leg. He shouts for help. Shaurya warns him again that he can do anything for his family. Main terrorist on the other side threatens Mehek to tell where Shaurya is, else he will order to kill her grandpa. mehek says she does not know where Shaurya is. At home, terrorist points gun at grandpa and asks his boss to order if he should kill grandpa.

Silky tells Meera that Vivan is super rich, so attitude is obvious, he knows she is getting married, so he will not think of affair also, so she should accept his friendship. Meera says she will if he befriends even Silky. Silky says she will try herself. Amaya asks Vivan why he wants to befriend Meera, if he is thinking of flirting with her. Vivan says she knows many girls try to flirt with him, but he never reciprocates, he really wants to befriend her. She says thank you for believing her belief that Meera is a good girl. Vivan thinks she does not know why he is befriending Meera.

Terrorist continues pressurizing Mehek to tell where Shaurya is, else his man will shoot her grandpa. She says she does not know where Shaurya is and pleads not to kill her grandpa. Shaurya returns.

Everyone dances during the antakshari. Paa ji and everyone dance together. Vivan is trying to sleep and is angry an the noise. Daddi dances on dhol beats. Vivnan is angry. He says what is wrong with these people.

Bua says to Dolly thank you. I had so much fun here. Karuna says we couldn’t do anything for you. All kids are busy. She says no I met them and that’s enough. Couldn’t go to Mahek’s house but will visit them next time for sure. She hugs dolly and Karuna and leaves. Karuna gives her a gift. Bua says thank you, you people are so nice. I don’t wanna go but have to. Come the wedding please. Karuna says sure.

Shaurya says to Mahek he isn’t ready yet. I spoke to him but if he doesn’t listen them.. Mahek says everything

will be fine. I can’t be otherwise. We can’t let them harm our families. We have to be strong. Shaurya hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Sweeti says where did you find so much money for the ring for Veera? You don’t care about your daughter at all. You have to pay Simran’s fees as well. he says that ring is fake. She is dazed. He says it looks like a real one. She says why did you have to do it? He says paa ji was so upset. He was depressed. I wanted to make him happy. Sweeti says if someone gets to know we will be insulted. He says everyone is busy in wedding. I will arrange money till then. And don’t worry about Simran. I have arranged money for her admission already. He says don’t tell anyone please.
Everyone applies haldi on Meera’s face. Vivan is outtside. He says should I go to Meera’s room and talk to her? I have to do this acting to be good here.
Silku comes to Vivan and says I am sorry from Meera’s side. she overeated but she is really nice at heart. He says did I ask you how she is? Go from here.

Vivan’s sister says take Meera to my room and get her ready there.
Silku asks Meera to wear the gown. Meera says I can’t wear this. Silky says why do you have a problem with everything. She says okay I’ll wear it.

Mahek gets ready for the wedding. she is in tears. She recalls her moments with her family. Shaurya swipes her tears and says don’t cry. He hugs her. He makes her wear earrings.
Arman says to abba you are doing a great deed. your name will be written with golden words. He hugs him.
The garland has bomb and Arman’s men fix it at the wedding. Shaurya and Mahek pray for everyone. Mahek says please save everyone God. Shaurya says God is with us don’t worry. Nehal says stay strong.
Meera calls Mahek and says thank you for taking care of bua ji. Mahek says it was really nice to meet her. All the best for your wedding. Meera says thanks. You have such a big responsibility. Good luck. Mahek says thanks meera. Karuna says eat something before going. Mahek says no we have to go. We are running out of time. Nehal says Vicky has arranged breakfast there don’t woryr. Shaurya and Mahek leave.

Vivan comes to Anaya’s room. Meera is in the gown. She says what are you doing here? He says what are you doing here? She says Anaya asked me to get ready here. She covers herself with stole. He says who gave you this gown and laughs. She says you have nothing to do with that. He says close your eyes. She closes her eyes.
Precap-Vivan makes Meera wear a locket. Shauya says to Arman I am going to police I will tell them everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba


Update Credit to: MA


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