Naamkaran 8th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Mitali and DD search for Neil at the party and wonder where he is. Sunehri drinks a lot of bhang and then she tells the kids to leave. However, KK does not allow the kids to leave and says that he has arranged screening of his next film for them. Avni brings Neil to the bedroom and ask him to sleep. However, Neil says he will not sleep as she will disappear when he wakes up. Avni says she will not go anywhere. Neil tells Avni that if she makes tea for him then he will know it is a dream as Avni does not know how to make tea. Avni goes to the kitchen and thinks about all her moments with Neil. Avni also recalls Bebe’s words. Kids finish seeing the film and Sunehri asks them to leave.

DD sees Sunehri and calls her and Sunehri gets nervous. Avni gives tea to Neil and Neil says that the tea is good. Neil is convinced that this is a dream and Avni will go away soon. Avni says she will always be with him. Neil asks Avni not to lie as she had said the same thing earlier too. Avni lies beside Neil and kisses his hand. Neil touches Avni’s tear and gets shocked realizing that she is real. Neil grabs Avni’s face and kisses her. Avni knows that Neil still does not know she is real. Avni thinks she has just few hours to spend with her Neil. Avni tells Neil that they will relive their last moments again. Sunehri is drunk and she tells DD that she has been remembering him since past 10 years and has been waiting for him. Sunehri says that she has turned into a good woman. Sunehri proposes DD for marriage. Mitali comes there and tells DD that Neil is not in the Hotel too. Neil and Avni lie beside each other on terrace top.  Neil asks Avni whether they would be happy if they were a normal couple. Avni says that she dreams every night that they are together with each other away from the world. Neil says that he hopes the night does not end. KK and Saisha have coffee together and Saisha is nervous. KK says that they will introduce each other once again to remove the awkwardness. KK says that his dad is a producer and therefore he is an actor. KK asks Saisha about her parents. Neil tells Avni that they would have had a normal family life and Mishti would be the eldest of all their children. Neil asks Avni why this did not happen. Saisha tells KK that she lives with her mother in a place called Sukoon ghar. Saisha says that her mother runs an orphanage and she helps her. KK asks Saisha what does her dad do. Saisha gets nervous and remembers Mitali and says that he dad is a police officer. KK says that he must have met her dad in Mumbai. KK asks Saisha why her mom was singing in her place in the competition. Saisha says that their voices are alike. Neil and Avni spend romantic moments together. Neil asks Avni why did she leave him. Avni tells Neil that she is with him.

Precap: Neil wakes up alone on terrace and wonders where he is. Neil meets Tara, Sitara and Sunehri and gets surprised. Avni walks in and gets shocked.

Pic Credit: Heena Creations


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