Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak Kaleerein Mahasangam 8th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Mehak and Shaurya see terrorist fixing bomb in garland and keeping it near wedding stage and silently walk towards it. Home minister comes and chats with them. On the other side, Laali chats with home minister’s wife over phone and says she felt really nice befriending her. Lady also says even she felt good. Laali excitedly asks is it and says she left her gold ring there and to send it via Mehek as she is attending Meera’s engagement. Lady agrees. Mehek’s relative fumes that Laali’s drama is continuing till now. Laali excitedly thinks if Mehek and Vivan come, media will cover them and Vivan will meet Sharuya as his friend. Terrorists continue to threaten Mehek’s family and laugh that soon their mission will complete and bomb will explode at home minister’s daughter’s

wedding. Family discuss if they unite, god will help them. Security personnel announces final security check before wedding ceremony starts. Terrorist warns Mehek to execute his plan and not let security check garlands, else she won’t be able to meet her family.

At Meera’s home, Meera shyingly look at her low neck gown, feels embarrassed and wears dupatta over gown. Vivan peeps in and reminisces Meera’s concern. He walks in. She asks why did he come here. He asks her to close eyes, else… She shyingly obliges. Bolna halke halke..song..plays in the background. He removes her duppata and she silently submits herself. He then makes shrug from dupatta and fixes it on her shoulders and asks to open her eyes now. She opens and gets happy seeing shrug covering her bare shoulders.

Back at Mehek’s house, uncle starts coughing and says he is having stomach ache. He tells family that they have to paralyze terrorists somehow and should use papaji’s medicines for that.

Mehek and Shaurya think how to stop security personnel checking bomb garland. Shaurya silently sends security on the other side. Mehek breaks oil can and spills oil around catering area and setting fire shouts.. Security’s attention diverts. Shaurya scolds his staff for being careless while terrorist removes garland from stage. Guests insists Shaurya for a dance and he walks with them. Terrorists walk toward Shaurya, but Mehek stops them and asks to let him dance, else they will be doubted.. Terrorist’s Boss follows Shaurya and beats him…
The wedding starts. Sumer’s family come. Everyone welcomes them. They give Sumer’s ring to them. Sumer’s family check it. Her mom says this is our guest. He has many jewelry shop in the area. He sees the ring and says its fake. Dolly says how is that possible. We paid 2 lacs for it. Its real. He says maybe jeweler made this mistake. You should call him here. Meer’a dad says that’s right. I will call him here in a moment.

Paa ji says to Bitu this ring is fake. Call the jeweler and ask him to come here. He says don’t worry I will call him here. Dolly says we are being insulted please do something. She says he is calling the jeweler.
Vivan makes an embroidered store wear Meera. She says designer mind?

you could give me directly. He says okay I will take it off you can wear it yourself. She says I don’t have time. She gets ready. Vivan looks at her. She says I didn’t get this niceness from you? She is about to fall. He holds her hand. She tries to walk but trips. he says calm down. Vivan extends his hand. He says if you want to get your fun made then fine. She wonders why is he doing all this. She holds his hand. He says if you fall next time I wont hold your hand

Silky comes and says this cape? Meera looks at him. Silky says your choice? Nice. He says yes but I am surprised the girl who doesn’t accept friendship took help from enemy.

Abba says to men be careful. Don’t do any mistake or I will kill you. Arman comes and says Shaurya ran. You stay here and handle the men. Shaurya must have gone to his in laws to save them. I will do something don’t worry. You handle here. Abba says we have to complete the mission today. Arman says yes I know. He leaves. He sits in the car and takes off his mask. Its Shaurya wearing Arman’s mask. He drives towards the house. Arman is in the car trunk. He says open it.

Sumer comes. Dolly welcomes him. She says meet everyone. They were all waiting for you. Dolly says to paa ji why is the jeweler not here. He says let me check. Sumer’s mom says to dolly where is the jeweler? She says we called but his phone is off. Battu has gone to take him. It wont take long. she says okay. Dolly calls Battu. She says paa ji where is battu please do something. He says I am really worried. Meera shouldn’t know all this. Vivan hears all this. He says what are they hiding from Meera?
Battu wonders what should he do. He calls someone. He says Manilal its me Bitu. Bhaisab gave you the diamond ring. Please bring it home. Its very important. Don’t worry we have arranged the money. He recalls he said to his Sweeti that he has arranged money for Simran’s academy.
Bittu calls his friend and says please bring 2 lacs. He says I deposited in the bank and they are closed todday. He is worried. He sits there crying. Sweeti sees him.

Meera comes downstairs. Sumer looks at her and smiles. Vivan looks at her as well. Meera slips but Vivan holds her.
Precap-Shaurya is in car. He says i can’t let more innocent people die. Please help me God. He wears Arman’s mask.
Vivan gives moneylal money. Dolly says why did moneylal lie for us? Meera says because Vivan paid him. I wont take his favor.

Update Credit to: Atiba


Update Credit to: MA


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