Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehek Kaleerein 9th March Mahasangam Episode Written Update

Dolly gets Home Minister’s wife’s call who congratulates her for Meera’s wedding and hearing Dolly tensed asks what happened. Dolly says diamond engagement ring is exchanged with fake one, she does not know what to do. Lady thinks how can ring get exchanged, someone in family must have done it.

Mehek’s family wait for a chance to divert terrorists’ attention. Terrorists go to prepare tea. Uncle picks medicine box silently and tries to mix them in water. Terrorists return and catch them and trash them brutally. Shaurya wears boss’s mask and goes to rescue family. He knocks door and in boss’s voice asks to open door. Terrorist opens door. Shaurya walks in.

Vivan brings Meera to engagement venue. Everyone look at them including Sumer and his

parents. Vivan extends his hand and and walks holding Meera’s hand. Everyoene look at them in a shock. Vivan gives Meera’s hand into Sumer’s hand. Everyone smile. Sumer and Meera walk on stage holding each other’s hands. Youngsters click selfies with them. Nothing like my Jat Mahiya…song..plays in the background. Amaya walks to Vivana nd takes him on stage. Meera and Vivan look at each other. Silky holds Vijay’s hand, and he backs off. Silky and Laali get angry seeing this.

Shaurya disguised as terrorist’s boss walks to family and lifts uncle. He asks terrorists to take everyone safe house, he will tackle them all. At wedding venue, Mehek tries to take out bomb fixed garland when bride calls her. She walks to bride. Bride anxiously asks if she is looking fine, she is very afraid. Mehek says she is looking very beautiful, today is her day and everything will go well. Bride continues with photo shoot. Mehek prays matarani to help Shaurya fail terrorist attack.

Meera sees her parents and Sumer’s parents talking tensely and thinks what happened. Sumer asks what happened and his friends chat with her. Meera thinks where his family went, if everything is fine. Sumer’s friends ask Meera if she had crush on anyone. Silky says no one as no one was worthy. They ask how does she know. Silky says they are from college and cousins. Meera leaves. Sumer asks why didn’t she reply to his friends. She says she did not listen anything and runs away, leaving Sumer fuming.

At safe house, Shaurya acts as torturing his family and asks to bring blankets aas he does not want anyone notice them. He injects terrorists instead and they collapse. Another terrorist comes. Shaurya injects even him and removes his mask. Family gets happy seeing Shaurya. Shaurya frees them. Another terrorist comes. At wedding venue, terrorists jam mobile signals. Mehek sees no network on her mobile. Shaurya tries her number, but it is out of reach.

Scene 1
Abba sees Mahek in wedding venue and says she is here then who was on phone? Minister’s daughter comes in venue as bride. Mahek is trying to call and says I dont have network. Woman comes there and says give me garland, they are waiting, Mahek says I can hold it. Woman says you have done a lot of work, let us work too, she takes garland from here. Mahek is tensed.

Shaurya arrives at venue and sees Armaan limping, he runs to him.

In Kaliren, family comes to Bittu and asks why he is sitting silently, when is he coming? they see Bittu crying and asks what happened? Bittu says forgive me you all, I did a big mistake, I shouldnt have done it. Beeji asks what have you done that you are saying sorry? Bittu says brother was tensed for Sumer’s

ring, I thought to solve his problem so I took that, that ring is not real, its fake. Vivaan hides and hears it. Beeji says why you did it? Bittu says I thought that I will let this engagement happen, then after wedding, I will get new ring but I couldnt handle anything. Vivaan leaves from there. Beeji says now what we will tell to guests now. Meera comes there and hides. Bittu says I was worried seeing brother tensed and tried to solve problem. Dolly says I can talk to manilal, I can plead him to help us. Bittu says I talked to him. Flashback shows Bittu pleading Manilal that give him ring, Manilal says you promised to give money, its 2lacs rings, you have to give money to get it, Bitu says I can give money later, please let us save our respect. Manilal says arrange money and then come to me, he leaves, flashback ends. Dolly cries and says what if Meera’s engagement breaks because of it, you shouldnt have done this fake ring thing, Meera got engaged after so much trouble. Beeji asks her to calm down. Dolly says we will proven as cheaters to Sumer’s parents and Meera will have to bear it, she wont be bride, his one lie destroyed everything. Beeji asks her to calm down. Dolly says how this happened.. Beeji asks her to not cry. She takes Dolly from there. Meera sees all this and thinks that I have to solve this, I cant let this destroy my family, I can talk to Sumer, if he agrees then everything will be fine.

Meera comes to party, women are gossiping that many boys rejected Meera and Meera rejected some but now they got good proposal. Meera thinks if engagement doesnt happen because of ring then my parents will not be able to bear it. Meera comes to Sumer, Sumer says all are praising you afterall you are wearing dress I gave you. Meera says I want to talk, she leaves with Sumer. Sumer’s mother goes behind them.

Meera brings Sumer aside and says I want to ask if you like me? I mean love me? He says thats why we are getting engaged. Meera says something happened with engagement ring, Meera tells him everything, Sumer’s mom hears all that. sumer asks Meera what she wants? Meera says do you have any problem with taking ring brought by my father? Sumer looks away. Meera says please speak. Sumer says I dont care about ring, you are enough for me, dont worry and just smile. Meera smiles. Sumer’s mom thinks that Meera is trapping Sumer so Sumer wont react to this fake ring, I will not bear this fake ring thing.

Scene 2
In Zindage ki Mahek, Armaan comes to wedding venue and instruct his goons. Shaurya comes there and shouts to stop it. He asks them to not exchange garlands. Security guards grab him, Shaurya says there is bomb in garland, all are stunned. Mahek asks groom and bride to throw garlands away. Armaan tries to go near bomb but Nehal throws wine at him. Armaan shouts Abba to blast. Abba is about to press button on bomb but shaurya runs to him and clutches him, security tries to push Shaurya away. Mahek starts beating Armaan. She doesnt let him get up and keeps beating him. Abba tries to press bomb button but shaurya tries to keep his hand away. Mahek runs to groom and bride, she takes garland and throws it on Armaan. Abba presses button on garland and it blasts. Mahek runs to Shaurya who is injured, Mahek says I will take you to doctor. Shaurya says no we have to find Abba. They see Abba near parking lot.

In Kalerein, Sumer pulls Meera to wall and says I want something, Meera blushes, Sumer whispers something in her ear, she shyly smiles, Ambarsariya plays, Meera leaves, Sumer smiles widely.

Meera thinks that when I tell parents that Sumer doesnt care about any ring but just me then they will not be tensed.

Meera goes to find her family. She sees vivaan giving money to Manilal. She thinks why he is giving money to Manilal? She sees Vivaan leaving and looks on.

Meera says to Beeji that when daughter leaves her parent’s house, she throws rice behind her to keep her house full of grains, I will not do engagement with someone giving us ring as debt. Family looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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