Naamkaran 12th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni tells Sunehri that she is Nilanjana and not Avni as Avni has died. Sunehri tells Avni to accept that       she loves Neil. Sunehri asks Avni why she took so much care of Neil if she is not Avni. Avni admits that     she loves Neil a lot but she cannot forget the promises that she has made herself. Avni makes it clear that she and Neil can never be together. Avni says that if the police finds out she is alive then Vidyut’s prison term will get cancelled and he will trouble them again. Neil is live on Radio station. Neil dedicates a romantic song for Avni. Saisha listens to Radio and thinks about KK. Neil asks listeners to call him with their stories.

Avni goes to church and prays for Neil’s wellbeing. Saisha calls Neil’s radio channel and says that she is a first time caller but she does not want to share her name. Saisha says that she loves a guy but does not know how he feels. Neil asks Saisha to wish for her love and listen to her heart. Neil says that he wishes she gets her love and they always be together. Next day, Avni is busy with household work. Sunehri calls her Avni by mistake and Avni gets angry. Sunehri tells Avni that no matter how busy she gets with her work, she will always want to be with Neil. Avni says that she does not want to go back to Neil. Sunehri tells Avni that she cannot hide from her true love. Neil suddenly enters the house and Avni hides behind the door. Sunehri, Tara and Sitara get shocked. Neil sits down and apologizes to them for coming into their hosue the previous night. Neil asks about the goons who had entered the house. Sunehri says that the land mafia wants to grab their hosue but Mitali saved them. Neil says that Mitali is his friend. Tara and Sitara ask Neil if he remembers how he entered their hosue. Neil says that he does not remember anything at all. Sunehri asks Neil if he has moved on after Avni’s death. Neil says that Avni’s memories are enough for him. Neil asks them why they don’t have security cameras and Tara says that they don’t have enough money. Neil offers to help. Neil asks where is Jaan Didi and Sunehri nervously says that she has gone out. Sunehri, Tara and Sitara succeed to get Neil out of the house before he sees Avni. Avni looks at Neil as he walks away. Neil feels Avni’s presence. Neil meets KK and KK is happy as his holi party worked for his publicity. Neil tells KK that he has found a perfect location for his song shooting. Neil says sukoon ghar. Neil tells KK that he will have to pay the owners for renting the place. Neil tells DD that he feels Avni’s presence in sukoon ghar and Avni would have wanted him to help Sunehri, Tara and Sitara.  KK tells Neil that his producer and director have approved of sukoon ghar for song shooting.

Precap: Neil is about to enter the room where Avni is but Mowgli stops Neil from entering saying that Jaan Didi has chicken pox. Avni gets happy.

Pic Credit: OU



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