Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Manish running to Naitik. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Kartik says nobody should disturb us, we won’t use phone. Naira says but its allowed for family. She attends call and asks what happened to dad, why did he go hospital. They all fly down to their city. Naksh and Naira see Naitik inside the ICU. Priyanka comes there. Everyone looks on. Naksh stops her. He says you are not needed there, we are there to take care of him, please leave. She shows her card and says I don’t need permission to see my patient, not even of his family. They all get shocked. She goes and meets Naitik. Kirti says Papa is Maasi’s patient. Kartik says Maasi is therapist. Manish says Priyanka is treating him, it means Naitik is under depression. They get shocked.


cries for Naitik. Dadi says calm down, Naitik is fine. Rajshri says he isn’t fine, I know how it feels to be depressed. Devyaani says we didn’t believe it. Rajshri says its our fault. Devyaani says we didn’t take care of him. Bhabhimaa says Naitik fell lonely. Dadi says I couldn’t do anything for Soumya, we all were with her, sometimes we don’t have things in our control. Suwarna says we can help Naitik now.

Aryan drops Suhana. She asks why are you smiling. He says I will say it soon. She says as you wish, thanks for today, you are really very cute. He leaves. At home, Naitik finds everyone worried. Priyanka says don’t think its an illness, its a mental condition, it can get fine by medicines and times. She asks Naitik not to get annoyed, she kept friendship and didn’t say anyone, but she has to be loyal to her job, she can’t hide it further, he doesn’t need any outsider when family is there. Naksh looks on. She goes. Kartik asks why were you suffering alone, we never realized, are we strangers. Suwarna says we are dear so he didn’t tell us. Kartik says I don’t understand this love, even my mum did this. We couldn’t overcome that grief, if anything happened to you, we would have been in guilt. Naira says you always stay alone when there is some problem, you didn’t tell anyone, you want to handle it alone, we won’t talk to you. Naksh says no, its my fault, its my responsibility to take care of him, but I couldn’t.

Kartik says he would have got stressed because of Naira and my fights, I answered him that day and went to Rishikesh, sorry. Manish says I understand Naitik being a father and I understand you all being a son, Naitik didn’t say as you would get upset, don’t feel guilty, he wanted to save you from this sorrow. Naitik says I m sorry, I ended up hurting you all. Manish says no, you tried your best to save them from this, but this was their right to know this. Naira and Naksh cry and hug Naitik. Naitik says please don’t be angry else I can’t forgive myself, I want your help to get rid of this illness, will you all support me. They nod. He says I can stay happy if you all stay happy. Devyaani says promise us you won’t hide anything. Bau ji says promise you will take care. Naitik promises and says tomorrow is Holika dahan and then its holi, Akshara and my fav festival, can all of us celebrate together here. They all nod. Naira says done, we will burn all bad memories in holika fire.

At Goenka house, Naira says we did many foolish things. Kartik says yes, how can anyone be so stupid. He says we didn’t realize what Naitik is suffering. Kartik says he sorted our problems and didn’t share his sorrow, we need to change a lot. She says we just need to be more mature. He says mature people talk it out. She says they are more responsible towards family, our family shouldn’t worry for us. He says I don’t feel any change in me. She hits him with rubber band and says we will make each other realize mistake this way. He likes the idea. She asks won’t you sleep in Lav and Kush’s room. He says no, I will sleep here next to my wife. They hug. She says so I snore. He says what can be done, I won’t leave my wife for this. She says my husband is lovely, how to let you get torture, take these ear plugs, I tried nose strips but it didn’t help. He gets a blanket. They say they have to make small efforts together. He says life is planned, what about Holi, it would be special. She says I have planned everything.

Suhana smiles. A guy says such a big smile. She says its real one, I was appreciating my acting. He asks did he get trapped. She says yes, you know I m expert in this, he is a rich fool, we have hit the jackpot, we have to put in efforts and also money, we will enjoy forever. He says we have spent a lot. She says bride and groom are ready, once baraati comes, it will start. He laughs. Dadi asks how is Naitik. Bhabhimaa says he is better. Devyaani says we are trying that he doesn’t feel alone. Baisa says Naira called many times. Dadi says she is daughter and worries for him. Bhabhimaa says even Naksh and Kirti worry for him.

Rajshri says Naira and Kartik went to meet him. They have a talk. Lav asks whom are you calling. Aryan says don’t tell anyone, her name is Suhana. Lav asks what’s the couple name, Sushu, sorry. They laugh. Aryan says strange, why am I thinking this, why isn’t she answering. Suhana says he is calling many times. The guy says he wrote that he is going to meet his relatives. She asks how far is Singhania sadan, get ready, we need to go, just wait and watch how I light fire in their holika Naira and Naksh get Naitik there. Manish hugs Naitik and asks him to always stay smiling and happy. Naitik thanks them for keeping his request. Manish says we all had to celebrate holi. Akhilesh asks Kartik and Naira what’s the plan. Surekha asks what’s the surprise. They smile.

Suhana calls Aryan to meet urgently. Naira sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: OU


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