Ishqbaaz 13th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Shivaye checks the trolley and doesn’t see anyone. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see Aryan hiding in another trolley. Anika says I told you, you don’t trust me. Gauri says no relation can survive without trust. Bhavya says what will happen after marriage. Veer comes to Aryan and says I got many chocolates for you. Aryan says then give it to me. Veer says its there, go and take it. Aryan smiles and runs to holika. He removes some wood and gets in. Veer says now it will be fun. Shivaye says you are behaving crazy, what happened. Anika thinks sorry to lie, I have no other option. Soumya comes to Veer. He asks did you explain Tia. She says very well, don’t worry, she won’t do any foolishness now, will Aryan come out or will our plan flop. Veer says Aryan has come out, he has to come in front of them, this

child will either die or come in front of everyone, our work will be done. She smiles seeing Aryan.

Pinky says its time for Holika dahan, come. Everyone does rituals. Anika thinks I don’t want problems in Shivaye’s life, I want to know who has sent Aryan and who are his problems. Shivaye thinks I had hope that Tia will help, now Anika is hiding things, I just hope I save family from unknown enemy. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see the trolley. Anika thinks its empty trolley, where did Aryan go. They look for Aryan. They get shocked seeing him inside firewood. Om says something is wrong, what were they hiding. Dhol plays. ShivOmru smile and do bhaangra. Pandit and someone lights fire. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya run and remove the firewood. Shivaye asks shall we ask Anika, Gauri and Bhavya to come for Bhaangra. Khanna says I got the pandit who conducted Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya pull out Aryan and fall back. They see the holika burning. They take Aryan with them. Veer looks on.

Khanna says this is the pandit. Shivaye asks Rudra is he the one. Rudra recalls and says we were drunk and thought its some shooting going on, but yes he is the one, he said Soumya and I got married. Shivaye scolds the pandit and says I can send you jail for this. Pandit says sorry, I did a mistake, I m not a pandit, I m a small time actor, Soumya paid me and asked me to read any mantras for fake marriage. Rudra says it means it was fake marriage. Pandit says yes, everything was a setup, guests were also paid to be there. Shivaye asks him to leave. Rudra says I can’t believe this, such a big betrayal, I considered her my best friend. Om says see the bright side, you won’t have any guilt now. Shivaye says maybe so she couldn’t encash this marriage. Om says if Tej is right, Soumya wants to do it now. Shivaye says it means she wants to marry Rudra. Rudra says I love Bhavya and want to marry her. Shivaye says don’t worry, you love Bhavya and will marry her, Soumya can’t harm you. Om says its fine.

Anika hugs Aryan. Gauri applies ointment to his burn. Anika asks why did you do this. Bhavya asks why did you go there. He says that tall uncle….. They ask who. Gauri says everyone is elder to you here, whom are you talking about. Bhavya says maybe he doesn’t know his name. Anika says he doesn’t know our names, we should tell our names. They cry. Aryan says your name is Anika, yours is Gauri and your name is policewoman/Bhavya. They call him smart. Anika says listen to us now, you will not go anywhere without informing us, say okay. He says okay. They make him promise. Shivaye says this is exactly what I need. Anika sees him and hides Aryan. She asks what are you doing here. Shivaye says I spend time in kitchen, what are you all doing here. Anika says we came here to have water. He says together, you are doing many things together. Anika says so what, unity is strength, why are you jealous of our unity. He says I know you will not answer right, I got to know what you are hiding. They worry.

He moves them aside and sees Aryan. He asks from where did this child come, who is this child. Aryan says Aryan. Shivaye says what did you mutter, nice name. Gauri says its his style. Shivaye says I m Shivaye. Aryan says Papa. He asks who is your dad. Anika says I will tell you, he is Ahluwalia’s son, his wife took purse and forget her son. He asks is he Ahluwalia’s son. Aryan says no. Gauri asks don’t you know your mum, naughty boy. Shivaye says how can she forget her son. Anika says you forgot your wedding, your wife. He says don’t start this again, Mrs. Ahluwalia must be worried, I will call her and say her son is safe. Anika takes phone and asks will you call her, you are trying to be Tia’s lover, I understand, you are not interested in your wife. He asks what. Bhavya says Aryan is feeling sleepy, lets take him. Shivaye stops them and says I will ask Khanna to drop him, its too late. Anika says I can do my work myself. He asks will you three do this together. Anika says Bhavya and I will go, Gauri will stay here. She gives his phone and goes. Shivaye signs Gauri and asks her. Gauri says I don’t know anything and goes. He says even Gauri left.

Veer says these three saved Aryan’s life and Oberois’ prestige, but this won’t happen tomorrow, its Holi, they will get Aryan in front of everyone after having this bhaang, then Oberois’ respect will be ruined. Shivaye says its Oberois’ Holi, I will make sure Soumya consumes this bhaang, she wants to get Rudra, so she must have planned something, she will reveal the entire truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: Moumita_Sengupta


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