Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhana running away. Suwarna finds Aryan tensed. Kartik and Naira hear a baby crying and go to see. Suhana says what’s that idiot doing in Udaipur with my pic. She gets worried hearing someone coming. She turns. Kartik and Naira get shocked seeing the baby. They look around. Kartik takes the baby and says whose child is this, who left the child here. He asks baby to calm down, nothing will happen. A straw falls down. They keep hands over the baby’s face. Suhana sees her BF and says that idiot reached here, thank God no one from Shubham’s family has seen me, that lady came out, its good she didn’t see me, what excuse will I make to go there, think of that idiot. He says we have to think something.

Manish asks how did you get the child, her parents

would be finding her. Kartik says we told security about the baby. Akhilesh asks why did you get her. Kartik asks would we leave her out. They all discuss. Manish says I will call police, they will come and take her. Kartik says just tell them to find their parents, we will keep her, it will be comfortable for her, we have toys to play, bed and food for her. Bhabhimaa says its not easy to manage someone’s child. Kartik says she is happy baby. Dadi recalls Kartik’s words. She thinks Kartik may change his decision. Manish and Akhilesh say people may think wrong, we should call police. Dadi says we will talk to them, but Kartik will keep the baby, I know it will be difficult but we will manage.

Bhabhimaa says we also got a child one day and Akshara took care of it. Devyaani says this would be Devi Maiyya who came to bless us. Dadi says come we shall start holika dahan. They all do rights. Kartik and Naira cover baby eyes as fire is bright. Baby moves his hand. He kisses the baby’s hand. Bhabhimaa asks them to give the offering. Rajshri asks them to give baby. Baby hugs Kartik and doesn’t go. Dadi smiles. Surekha asks are you thinking the same. Dadi says maybe Kartik’s anger is melting in holika fire, I wish his anger ends by this baby’s coming. Baisa says Naira should bear a child soon. Suwarna sees Aryan leaving. Kartik says we shall leave now. Priyanka asks Naitik to take care. Naira asks Naksh to take care of dad.

Naksh says don’t worry, you may leave. Goenkas leave. Bau ji asks Bhabhimaa what happened. She says nothing, I m thanking God and praying for that baby. Naitik coughs. Naksh asks what happened. Naitik says nothing, just some cough. Kirti says why do I feel Naksh was going to say something. Kartik says how could they leave such a lovely baby. He asks driver to drive carefully. He says she looks so adorable. Naira says like an angel. Baby cries. Kartik and Naira show toys.

They argue. He says you are a girl and would know why baby is crying, you handle Lav and Kush too. She says yes because they talk, but I can’t understand baby. Manish says no one could handle the baby, we have no relation with her to bond, call any caretaker. Suwarna says caretaker won’t be from her family. Dadi says think Lord has come here, we shall serve the baby till she is here. Naira says we will sing some song. Kartik sings hey baby…. Naira asks him to sing any happy song. Kartik sings Tumko dekha to….. Baby cries. She says happy song, not this, baby is crying so much. He says she maybe missing her mum’s lap, I will call inspector and ask, see Lav and Kush, they are jealous. She says I was also such in childhood. He says me too. He gets an idea and asks Lav and Kush to talk to baby. Naira asks them to sing. They sing for baby.

Baby gets quiet. Kartik and Naira clap. Naira says thanks, you two are angels. They sing Lakdi ki kaanti…. and play with the baby. Naksh asks Naitik is he fine. Naitik says yes, I m going to sleep now, go, what will you do sitting here. Naksh says please sleep. Priyanka calls Naitik. Naksh sees Kirti’s note. Kirti comes there and sees Naksh. She goes. Aryan gets Suhana’s voicemail. She says my brother fixed my marriage, I want to meet you tomorrow. He thinks of her and cries. He gets angry and hits a ball. Suwarna comes and asks what happened, what’s the problem. He throws the bat. Kartik says no inspector, we don’t have a problem in keeping the baby, but find her parents. He sees Lav and Kush jumping and shouts. He takes the baby and says she is fine. Lav and Kush cry and say sorry. Kartik and Naira say we know you didn’t do it intentionally, are you two fine, baby is fine. Dadi looks on and thanks Lord.

Kartik and Naira throw colors. Naira says you didn’t smear color on me. She challenges him.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: Nia Stunner



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