Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 15th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rano hugging Tanuja to everyone surprise and blessing her for happiness. She says I have always scolded you and apologizes. Manpreet thinks she can’t be our mum and thinks this might be Dad’s work. Netra comes out of room with her stuff. Rishi asks where are you going? Netra says I am going alone without Tania. Tanuja says you are Tania’s mum and will stay here. She says I am staying here due to court orders, and says past will not change. Rishi goes after Tanuja and asks what is the matter? Tanuja throws things on him. She asks why you were after me when Netra was here. Rishi says you don’t like her. Tanuja says you don’t know and says it was your mistake. Rishi says yes and says I will come later. Tanuja asks him to listen to her fully. Rishi says you have stopped Netra

and not me. Tanuja says she is your daughter’s mother and you wanted her to go. She says my destiny was good to get boss like AK, and asks if Netra goes, then what will happen. Rishi says he will get her married. Tanuja asks what do you want to tell me. Servant comes and says AK came. Rishi gets chance to escape and goes. Rishi thinks if she is his wife or hitler and thinks AK saved him.

Manpreet talks to a girl while Ahana hears him and scolds him. She asks him to get out and push him out of room. Rishi comes down the stairs running. AK asks him to be careful. Rishi says until you are there, you won’t let me fall down and gives flower. He asks him to sit and asks what you would like to drink, blood as you have saved me. He then says he will make something special and goes with Manpreet. Tanuja comes down. AK looks at her. Haale Dil Mera plays…AK tells Tanuja that everyone is missing her, but its ok. Rishi brings juice and says he made it for AK. He says if Tanuja had a sister then also he would not have gotten AK marry her as he is not husband material. AK says what do you mean, I am also good like you. Tanuja asks them not to fight and asks Manpreet to keep eye on them.

Manpreet says I need to go and asks them not to fight. AK tells Rishi that he wants to talk to him about Netra. Netra talks to Tanuja’s pic and says you are good to let me stay in the house. Rano asks have you gone mad and says she is your sautan. Netra says I will not hear anything against her and says Tanuja stopped me and let me stay here. Rano says you have gone mad. Netra tears her pic and throws it.

Rishi asks AK to take it lightly. AK says she needs medical supervision. Rishi says she will be alright. AK says ok. Ahana thinks to check in Manpreet’s mobile. Natasha comes and hugs AK. She says she missed him very much. Ak says even I missed you. Natasha says can I go to Papa’s house. Rishi says you can go. Natasha asks Tania to come with her. Tanuja asks her to have food first. Rishi drinks water as there is much chilli in his food. Tanuja says she didn’t add it and gives him honey, thinks he is acting. AK comes and says food was good. Tanuja goes out. AK says even he felt chilli and drinks water, asks Rishi to give sweets. Rishi says why didn’t you tell infront of her. Ak says I will not come daily to have food, you are her husband and will eat food made by her daily. Rishi gets happy and hugs him. He goes to bring sweets for him. Tanuja comes. Ak takes honey from her hand saying he wants to try. Tanuja says even you felt chilli, but didn’t tell me. She says Rishi acts a lot. Tanuja says I have your stuff and returns his ring, asking him to make that ring wear by the girl whom he loves. AK says he made to that girl and says I love you.

Netra gets possessive about Rishi and plans to separate them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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